Philadelphia’s street cleaning program will resume on Monday, August 9; residents warn to move parked cars

Philadelphia will resume its street sweeping pilot program on Monday, August 9. Unlike the situation before the pandemic, residents will now have to move their cars to make way for cleaners and their machines.

Starting next week, the streets will be cleaned in 4 blocks on the designated date. City officials Say They will gradually expand to another 10 areas of the city.Currently, street cleaners will target the following areas, according to City data Areas with the highest concentration of waste in Philadelphia:

In north-central Philadelphia: Broad Street to 22nd Street from Glenwood Avenue to Diamond Street
In South Philadelphia: Fourth Street and Eighth Street between McKean Street and Oregon Avenue
In Southwest Philadelphia: Woodland Avenue to Kingsessing Avenue from 49th Street to Cemetery Avenue
At Strawberry Building: Diamond Street to Lehigh Street from Sedgley Avenue to 33rd Street

According to city officials, cleaning will take place every Monday to Thursday until the end of November. Residents of the first four blocks and new blocks added in the next few months need to look for no parking signs posted to specify the time and date for street cleaning.

In each block, the city has arranged a two-hour window for staff to clean each side of the street. These times will be posted on no-parking signs at 9 am and 11 am; 11 am and 1 pm; or 1 pm to 3 pm Both sides of the street will be cleaned during different two-hour windows.

Those who initially did not move their cars during no-parking hours will receive a warning from the street department SWEEP law enforcement officers between August and November.When the plan resumes next year, the Parking Authority will enforce street sweeping parking restrictions and write down $31 fine for tickets For those who cannot move vehicles.

“The mechanical street cleaning pilot program is part of Philadelphia’s commitment to reduce trash and garbage in the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods,” said Tumar Alexander, managing director. “The selected area has been determined to require additional city services to supplement the cleaning work.”

This cleaning season is the second stage Pilot program launched in 2019 And was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff will invest 62 million US dollars in street cleaning within five years. Part of the funds will be used for brooms, sidewalk sweepers, garbage compactors, push brooms and even leaf blowers, etc., which are too small to operate. Streets.

“The city’s densely populated communities face challenges when it comes to relocating vehicles. These areas can be cramped and finding parking spaces can be challenging,” said Street Commissioner Carlton Williams. “Therefore, the relocation of vehicles will be selected according to the size and density of each block.”

Mayor Jim Kenney promised citywide street sweeping when he ran for office in 2015. His office stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down and the timetable for citywide expansion by 2023 , Inquirer Report.

On Monday, officials referred to the upcoming months of cleaning as the “test phase.”

Street cleaning will then be extended to parts of these 10 blocks, but city officials did not provide a timetable when cleaning will begin in these areas:

Frankfurt: From Griscom Street to Bridge Street on Torresdale Avenue to Adams Street
German Town: Berkley Street to Chelten Avenue from Pulaski Avenue to Wakefield Street
Kensington: From Tioga Street to Lehigh Avenue and Second Street to Kensington Avenue
Logan: Godfrey Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue between Broad Street and Fifth Street
Nice Town: Broad from Hunting Park Avenue to Windrim Street to Clarissa Street
Pascal: 58th Street to 70th Street between Greenway Avenue and Dix Avenue
Point wind: Christian Street to McKean Street, between Broad and 24th Street
Port of Richmond: From Tioga Street to Kensington Avenue on Lehigh Avenue to Aramingo Avenue
West Fairhill: 5th Street to 13th Street between Glenwood and Susquehanna Avenue
West Philadelphia: 52nd Street and 40th Street between Parkside Avenue and Girard Avenue

Williams said: “We want to ensure that the route is completed and logistical adjustments will be made in the next few months to ensure that we provide services as promised.” Why.

City report Released in February 2020 It was found that its first round of street cleaning (from April to November 2019) reduced waste in six target communities: West Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia, Kensington, Strawberry Building, Logan, and South Philadelphia.

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