Love Island 2021 Spoiler-Millie tells Liam “used to sleep elsewhere” because she is still provocative

Millie of Love Island 2021 will remain provocative tonight after abandoning Liam, warning him that he will not return to her bed.

After Millie kicked him out, Liam woke up on the sofa One-on-one blockbuster with Lily About the love of home.

Asked how he slept, Liam told Millie: “I slept a terrible night.”

Millie replied: “Oh, that’s good.” Then she told her ex frankly: “I used to sleep outside… other places except here.”

Meanwhile, Faye disappointed Sam tonight because her first flame, Teddy, returned to the villa.

She told him: “Obviously, Teddy came back and saw him by his side. I didn’t want to talk to him, didn’t want to do that, and didn’t want to be the same as we used to be. It was very difficult. If it weren’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t Will be in this situation.”

Elsewhere, Toby will reveal that he still likes Chloe… This sees Dale being classified as a friend.

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  • say what?

    Taylor seemed as confused as Toby.

    Shhh. Talk about eating cakes and eating cakes.

    I am glad to see that Kaz did not like this speech. What is he doing? ! There are hardly any words to win girls.

  • Good and easy

    Abi seems very satisfied. It comes from the left court; he likes Chloe. Not her. Not Mary.

    He thanked her for her understanding. She called him cute.

    Some things tell me that her heart is not so good.

  • Pickled

    I can imagine Toby being really annoying in front of you in the bar.

    The man who couldn’t decide what drink he wanted, yelled at his friends to see what they were drinking, and asked the bar staff what they recommended.

    Come on, make the decision early!

  • Love and laugh

    I think the boys’ reaction to Toby’s confession represents the country.

    It’s kind of LOLs, isn’t it?

  • Start

    Long live-it’s that time again!

    Fasten your seat belts and we will have another wonderful journey.

    Side note: Did Millie and Lily drink orange juice?

  • kettle

    Now it’s only five minutes before tonight’s Love Island drama begins… and it looks like it’s going to be a cork.

    We have a friend zone, a love square, Heating line And a very provocative Millie.

    Stick to the kettle or pour yourself something stronger, because it will be a good thing!

  • Awkward moment

    Love Island casualties Lucinda and Aaron face to face On TV today… it’s all a bit bad.

    The couple left the villa, but no longer pursue romance-Lucinda is now with the Northumberland workers Brad.

    As Lucinda admitted: “Yes, I met Brad. It’s still in the early stages, but we are seeing where things are going.

    “Unfortunately, I did have a very good connection with Brad, but the time has been shortened. He is so mature and gentleman. But this is the early stage and it is still pending.”


  • Sore eyes

    Love Island contestant Sharon Gaffka described the current drama in the villa as “a sight of sore eyes.”

    Sharon was abandoned from the island two weeks ago, but it seems that she is no longer too sad to be there.

    Sharon wrote on Liberty Poole’s Instagram (cared for by her family), Millie-Liam, Kaz-Tyler, and Toby-Love-Square scenes: “A sight of sore eyes.”

  • Family affairs

    Faye’s family supported the renewed romance between her and Teddy.

    Tonight, we will see Faye classify Sam as a friend so that she can start where Teddy left before their Casa Amor drama.

    Faye’s family shared a photo of Teddy on Instagram and added some love. Lovely.

  • ‘Own it’

    Love Island fans accuse Liam of “gaslighting” Millie When she unraveled his lie about his “lady’s vacation” with Lily.

    The 21-year-old Welsh Waller Liam succumbed to temptation and kissed Lily at Casa Amor-while Millie was left in the main TV villa.

    Liam also told Millie that it “proved to be worse than it actually was”-which angered fans.

    One said: “Liam. Stop lying, stop lighting Millie. This is your ball. Own it.”

  • soon

    This is your 30-minute warning!

    Love Island will start on ITV2 in just half an hour, and fans have already started the countdown… Mainly thanks to Hugo for the upcoming Chloe.

  • home Sweet Home

    Lillie, who had just worked at Casa Amor, returned to the UK with a big smile.

    After having a full chat with Millie last night, the blonde left there faster than you could shout “I have a text message”, and now she is back to the north.

    In fact, she seemed very happy to come back. I mean, there is no handsome guy, the current weather is similar to October, but she has a cute balloon display, so that’s it.

  • Sweet dream

    Millie made me laugh in the preview clip of Love Island tonight.

    Liam came out of the lounge, he had jumped up on the sofa bed, and told Millie that he had slept a “terrible night.”

    Millie replied, “Oh, that’s fine” and added that she slept well.


  • Harmless fun

    Former Love Island champion Amber Gill has brought Toby back.

    The star who won the 2019 series with Greg O-Shea believes that his U-turn/love square antics are “harmless.”

    Speaking on Instagram last night, Amber said: “I love Toby because I think he is so harmless. He is very unaware. I think he has never really experienced a relationship before.

    “It’s very interesting to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a square on Love Island, but I’m here for it.”

  • All gravy

    Once again, another meme masterpiece about Toby’s U-turn.

    Everyone likes Toby…Carvery, right?

  • Rich list

    It is said that Millie Court currently has the greatest income potential among this year’s Love Island stars.

    The blonde now has more than 500,000 Instagram followers, which means she will be able to get good results when promoting products on her grid.

    According to research by, Millie may be able to earn a dizzying £13,000 for each of his posts.

    At the same time, Liberty clearly has an income potential of £12,800.

    No wonder so many people applied to participate in this show…

  • Is not funny

    Hawkeye Love Island fan discovery Hugo laughs at Millie Sad by Liam—they are not happy.

    In the early years, when Toby suddenly abandoned Chloe for Abby, Hugo preached so quickly…but it seemed that he didn’t get every girl’s support.

    An audience member wrote on Reddit: “Hugo is too capricious when it comes to his morals. I realize it’s good, but I don’t know who he thinks is better than Toby.

    “He was so outspoken, defending Chloe in public, almost insulting Toby. He is just standing aside and watching the boys slutty. It’s hypocritical. (sic)”

  • ‘Very proud’

    As mentioned earlier, in tonight’s Love Island episode, Katz will once again clashed with Taylor.

    Their fierce exchange ended with Kaz rushing and announcing: “You fucking started. I’m fed up. 100%. I won’t do this with you.”

    Kaz’s sister runs her Instagram account in the villa, and she said: “Proud of her mannerisms ???? more intense conversation tonight!”

  • Two-way U-turn

    So Toby will make a big turn tonight and admit that he still has a crush on Chloe…but it seems This feeling may be mutual.

    In an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode, Chloe25 years old, sitting on the sofa bed with Hugo and Liberty, and confessed: “We talked a few days ago. It’s difficult because I actually think I feel more there.”

    “So what, do you want to return to Toby?” Freedom asked.

    Chloe replied: “Well, I didn’t say that, my goodness, I just said that when you go from one extreme to the other, you won’t overcome it in a few days.”

    It is a miracle that other islanders can keep up, tbh.

  • Polls

    Liam Reardon’s family polled his Instagram followers to see if they believed Lily’s story last night.

    Someone saw the blonde having a one-on-one conversation with Millie, in her own words, real Go downstairs at Casa Amor.

    But even though most of their “connections” with the country are short-lived, it seems-when it comes to his own fans-they have already got Liam’s support.

  • rising

    Toby It turned out to be absolutely excellent value for money, because fans were attracted by his new “Love Square”-and very confused.

    Some viewers even hinted that he was planted by the show boss just to keep us all on guard.

    If it turns out that this is true (I don’t think it is true, but it will be a good plot turn), this fan made a valuable suggestion: “Toby should get a raise. ? Pure entertainment. “

    Tobes, how does it sound like £9 an hour and some free LI products?

  • Hot temper

    A peek at tonight’s love island episode found Katz had a big fight with Taylor.

    You will see this fashion blogger face her ex’s “messed head” about him, and then all hell will fall apart.

    After being hit, Kaz told him: “You fucking keep working hard. I’m fed up. 100%. I won’t do this with you.”

    Then she flew into a rage. can not wait.

  • ‘Just cringe’

    In last night’s preview, Toby’s U-turn not only made the whole country cringe, but his own Sister feels blushing and also.

    Toby is now in a love square with Chloe, Abby, and Mary (obviously they do exist), and his brothers and sisters feel a little ashamed of him.

    In the After Sun show last night, she said: “Honestly he was embarrassed.”

    Tend to agree. Oops!

  • everything is over

    A spoiler revealed that a couple slipped tonight.

    Faye decided it was time to join the circle of friends SamWhen Teddy came back, she finally realized that he was not doing dirty things in Casa Amor. call.

    The former couple rekindled their romance with a kiss-and Faye knew she had to end her relationship with Sam.

    She told him: “Obviously, Teddy came back and saw him by his side. I didn’t want to talk to him, didn’t want to do that, and didn’t want to be the same as we used to be. It was very difficult. If it weren’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t Will be in this situation.”

  • SIANNISE speaks

    Former Love Island Star Siannise Fudge criticized the show After Teddy’s relationship with the Philippines went wrong.

    Siannise believes that sending a postcard of Teddy kissing someone is “bad” because Faye didn’t realize that he did it only as part of the performance challenge.

    Xiannis told Sun Online exclusively: “I think this is really playing with people’s emotions.”

    She added: “Teddy got dirty there…He stayed on the sofa bed.

    “But then they obviously made Liam look good. I just thought the production was a bit poor.”

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