Independent Blue Cross helps ease the pressure to pay for college

As the average cost of a four-year college education in Pennsylvania approaches

USD 28,000
, Saving for your child’s future is not easy. By the time my two young sons go to college, the cost will be higher.

This is where college tuition benefits are provided to members of the Independent Blue Cross (Independent) Health Plan. This is a value-added service that helps ease some of the pressure associated with paying college fees.

The benefits are very similar to the scholarship program; you earn SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Points to help offset the cost of four years of education. One tuition bonus point is equal to the guaranteed minimum discount of $1 for the full tuition fee,

Colleges and universities across the U.S.

The best part is that you can support not only your own children, but also your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren and godsons. *

How to start making money

If you are an Independence member, you can start earning tuition rewards immediately after registering.Just log in, Click Health and well-being,Then Value-added services. Immediately, you will earn 2,000 points when registering. Then, each student you register will receive 500 points.

Every year you are still an Independence subscriber and you will earn 2,000 points. In the fourth year, you will earn an additional 2,500 points. This is 4,500 points for the fourth year. You can also get traceable tuition bonus points that can be traced back to the day you became an Independence subscriber. ** Therefore, the sooner you register and register for the special child in your life, the more points you will accumulate for their college tuition!

Ready for college

My kids are still young, but in the end, they may need some guidance to choose the right university and major.Today, it is estimated

20% to 50% of students

Entering the university undecided. An estimated 75% of people changed their major sometime before graduation.

Ready for college

Provide effective strategies for graduating high school students and their parents to achieve successful college grades. This website provides the tools and resources students need to prepare for university:

• Complete interest surveys and explore career options
Use a custom calculator to plan how to pay for college
Get resources about university preparation, admissions, and funding
Create a student profile for your child so that colleges and universities can better understand your child
Explore more than 400 nationally ranked universities that qualify for The College Tuition Benefit Tuition Rewards
Match majors to career paths and universities
Plan to visit the university your child is interested in

If your child is already thinking about life after high school, Ready Set College is the ideal place to start learning.access

learn more.

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About Eileen Thurston

As the member marketing director of Independence Blue Cross, Erin Thurston is responsible for member outreach strategy and multi-channel communication execution in the commercial sector. In addition, her team is also responsible for managing the acquisition, marketing and retention of personal and family health plans under 65. Outside of IBX, Erin is the wife and mother of two young boys. As a former college athlete, she likes to participate in boys’ sports events and all fitness activities.

* Subject to certain restrictions. The tuition award program is provided by the independent company The College Tuition Benefit. Neither The College Tuition Benefit nor SAGE Scholars, Inc. provide Blue Cross products or services.

** Exclusion applies; this is not a feature that employees of Independence FOC can use.

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