How did two friends decide to share the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo?European News

Gianmarco Tamberi from Italy and Mutaz Barshim from Qatar Agree to share the gold medal At the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday, a game was resolved not by clearing the highest altitude but by a subtle nod.

In meetings with track and field officials, high jumpers can choose to resolve the tie by taking off.

Barshim has a better idea: how about two gold medals?

The person in charge said that this is possible.

Barshim nodded, and Tamberi immediately accepted, patted Barshim’s hand, and jumped up to hug him.

This is a far cry from the last celebration of these two athletes who have been good friends since 2017.

“For me, coming here, I know the fact that the performance I did, I deserve the gold medal,” Bashim said. “He did the same thing, so I know he deserves that gold medal. This is beyond sports. This is our message to the younger generation.”

Both high jumpers were perfect until the barbell was set to an Olympic record height of 2.39m (7 feet 10 inches).

Everyone missed it three times. The rest is history.

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