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Goldman Sachs becomes the last U.S. investment bank Raise the wages of junior employees In response to complaints about burnout from new employees who were caught in a trading boom during the pandemic.

According to people familiar with the matter, the basic salary of analysts in the first year is now $110,000 and will increase to $125,000 in the second year. Those at the higher level of assistants will receive a reward of $150,000.

These figures do not include annual bonuses, which may be multiples of wages in economic boom years.

Goldman Sachs declined to comment.

According to Wall Street Oasis, a website that tracks salaries, these increases mean that Goldman Sachs will have one of the most generous starting salaries in the industry, after it paid junior bankers lower salaries than its peers.

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2. Chinese stocks rose, US Treasury bonds rose Beijing calls for greater cooperation with Washington Soothe investors’ nerves On Monday, the Chinese stock market experienced its worst month in nearly three years. In the United States, government bonds have risen, reflecting increased concerns about slowing economic growth.

3. Seize the impact of the pandemic before listing in New York Grab is behind the world’s largest merger with the “Blank Check” group. Reported slowdown Before the $40 billion New York listing was postponed, it was struggling to cope with the ongoing outages related to the coronavirus.

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Tokyo Olympic finals

Laurel Hubbard:

Laurel Hubbard: “I know that my participation in these games is not entirely without controversy. But I think they are great’ © AP

  • Belarusian sprinter Christina Zimanusskaya have Take refuge The Polish Embassy in Japan accused her of being taken to the airport against her wishes after criticizing her country’s coach.

  • New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard became The first publicly transgender athlete Participate in the Olympics.

  • This US Women’s Football Team Lost the semifinals 1-0 to Canada“We just didn’t have it today,” American star player Megan Rapinoe said.

  • Simone Byers will Return to the game In the women’s balance beam finals on Tuesday, the US gymnastics team said.

  • How come Russian athletes Even though Russia is banned from participating in the Olympics, it still often gets on the podium as a medalist?Murad Ahmed and Max Seddon of the Financial Times explain. (UK “Financial Times”, British Broadcasting Corporation)

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Coronavirus Digest

  • China Anxious to control its first widespread Delta variant The worst coronavirus outbreak In more than a year.

  • This US already at At least one dose 70% of adults received the Covid-19 vaccine, reaching the milestone nearly a month later than planned. Lindsey Graham Become the first senator to be vaccinated and tested positive for Covid-19.

  • This Aviation industryOptimism is slowly spreading Maximum number of aircraft Flying since the pandemic began.

  • European governments Is resorting to Imaginative way Increasing vaccination rates: France is suspending health workers who refuse unpaid vaccination, and a town in Germany is distributing sausages for free. (FT, Associated Press)

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the day before

Reserve Bank of Australia The Central Bank will hold its monthly meeting today as it faces the resurgence of the coronavirus and the prospect of measures that need to be taken. Go back to the previous comment Regarding the gradual reduction of monetary stimulus. (Bloomberg)

UK quarterly GDP data Britain will release second-quarter GDP data today. Last month’s data showed that the British economy was recovering Significant slowdown in May. (Reuters)

Raisi takes power in Iran Iran’s new President Ibrahim Raisi will come to power on Tuesday huge challenge For the Islamic Republic, it has recently been shaken by protests about water and electricity shortages, and is preparing for more negotiations on resuming nuclear agreements with global powers.

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