Eagles camp notes, day 5: Jordan Myrata is better than Andre Dillard

The fifth day of the Philadelphia Eagles training camp is on record. As always, we have practice notes.

• This The biggest news of the day It happened before the start of training, when the Eagles revealed to reporters Devon Tower Smith MCL sprains “week after week”. There is a report that Smith will be absent for 2-3 weeks. We will see. Personally, two weeks feel very optimistic for me, but I don’t think he is in any real danger of missing the start of the regular season.

Smith showed some good things early in the camp, but I won’t say that he stole the show. Of course, he can use all the practice time he can get, even if he is advanced for the rookie in terms of route running and basic skills.

In other injury news, today is Jaylen Regg Take the first day as a complete exercise participant. Ryan Kerrigan Practice early on the left hand, and the right hand looks like it is injured.

• I though Jaylen is injured Today is the best day he has spent in the camp so far.His first game of the day was on the sidelines Travis Fulham, Closely guarded Steve NelsonThe throw is placed high and outside, which allows Fulham to use his size to protect Nelson from the ball and catch the ball.

But in general, he is more accurate today than the entire camp. Even in the pitch he missed today-throwing a window at Fulham in the end zone-Hertz’s pitching speed was good, although it was behind Fulham, it was still a catchable ball, but Fulham couldn’t quickly Adjust to make a performance.

Hurts still has a long way to go in terms of accuracy and consistency, but today is a step in the right direction.

• They haven’t even put on the pads yet, I’m about to call the LT game Jordan Myrata. It’s really not close, because Mailata has definitely surpassed Andre Dillard Every day, he also has the best training camp of his career so far.

In today’s one-on-one match, Dillard was represented twice.He holds Josh Khan In one, and Brandon Graham Defeat him in another push and pull.At the same time, Mailata won a partnership with Sweat and Derek Barnett.

The team won’t call it anytime soon, certainly not before they put on the mat (by the way, it should be tomorrow), but it’s already clear who the better football player is.

• In other one-on-one operations, Fletcher Cox Remind everyone that he is the best player in defense, and his quick inside move defeated Nate HerbigIn addition, at the same time Jack Driscoll Pass protection throughout the camp is very good, today he was undressed by Barnett.

Joe Flacco and Terry Jackson There is an impressive connection today. Flacco threw from the middle to Jackson, who was running across the field. Jackson grabbed the ball from the air and turned to the field without interrupting his stride. Jackson is 6 feet 7 inches tall, 249 years old, and has excellent athleticism. Although his game needs serious improvement, if he continues to play like this, keeping him on the 53-man roster for a long time will be an easy decision to develop.

Nick Mullens There is a good camp to throw football, but he has one of the worst passes in the camp today.He threw to the sidelines Jamon Osborne, Who is covered Zeke McPherson One to one. McPherson turned around and intercepted easily on the bottom throw.I also noticed that McPhearson has a good jam Hakim Butler, Who can not get rid of the melee with McPherson on the outside. By the way, I haven’t seen Butler doing anything in the camp.

• yesterday, Quetz Watkins Finished a nice controversial catch Michael YakaiToday, he caught a short pass and showed some swing after receiving the ball.He has only practiced for two days now and he has shown more John Hightower.

• Quick analysis of punt returnees so far:

  1. Jaylen Regg: Explosive, but there is a certain risk. So far, his defensive performance during training camp is very good.
  2. Boston Scott: He returned to some punts in 2019. I think he did a good job in sprinting and defending short punts, saving space on the field. However, he is also a Muff risk, not as explosive as Wrigg.
  3. Greg Ward: We all saw it last year. He received the ball steadily while defending the punt, but he was not threatening with the ball in his hand. In addition, he misjudged some punts last year, resulting in damage to the court position.
  4. Kenny Gainwell: He didn’t return to the punt when he was in college, and it seems that he was only introduced to it in the camp here, because he didn’t seem to hold the punt as easily as others.
  5. Evant Maddox: He played and played in college, but he didn’t do it in the NFL. It is unlikely to contribute in this way in a real game.

This is how I rank them now.

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