Covid News Live-Boris canceled the “Amber Watch List” plan because 17 new countries can be added to the Green List

BORIS Johnson rejected the call for a new “Amber Watch List” travel class and called for “as simple as possible” holiday advice for Britons traveling abroad.

A few hours after the clumsy junior minister suggested that the travel traffic light plan might become a rainbow, he made a request“spectrum”It is the warning level.

Travel experts say that 17 countries/regions may be added to the green list this week, so many people have also enjoyed their holidays.

Restrictions on access destinations, includingGermanyandCanadaDue to its low Covid case rate, there may be some relief.

This news will be a huge boost for hopeful holidaymakers and millions of Britons with family abroad.

PC Agency, a travel consulting company, analyzed data from countries around the world to understand which places are expected to open up.

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