Urban MO’s Bar & Grill in Hillcrest requires a vaccination certificate for indoor events

San Diego — Urban MO’s Bar & Grill in Hillcrest is now asking customers who want to participate in indoor events to show their vaccination status.

“Vaccination certificates for dance floors, all performances, dances or similar events,” said general manager Matt Ramon.

The vaccination certificate takes effect on Saturday. Ramon said that they have not received strong opposition from customers and have received their full cooperation.

“They have prepared the cards,” Ramon said. “They are ready, and I’m glad we did it, because they feel safe.”

Customers can show their physical vaccination card or use ID digitally. Ramon said that customers have been showing their QR codes, and they can scan these QR codes in restaurants.

Ramon said that for those who come to MO to eat, they do not need to show proof of vaccination.

“You can still enter the restaurant without a vaccination card, but when we perform any performance, we will have a guard there to show a vaccination certificate with an ID card,” he said.

On the occasion of the announcement The delta variant continues to spread Between the United States and San Diego County.

Cortez Hill resident Tim Williams said that vaccination verification may now be required.

“We need to know who is vaccinated and who is not, because I think people are saying,’Oh, I am vaccinated’ and they are not vaccinated,” Williams said. “Maybe this is part of the problem that broke out again.”

Ramon said MO requested the vaccination certificate because of the safety of employees and customers.

“This is always for the safety of my employees, my business, my guests and my community,” he said. “And we will continue to do so.”

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