Tokyo Olympics live results: Max Whitlock won the gold medal, Charlotte Worthington won the BMX gold medal

TEAM GB won the medal again on the 9th day of the Olympic Games.

Max Whitlock retained his Olympic title after performing a sensational performance on a pommel horse.

Charlotte Worthington astounded Hannah Roberts of the United States with an unforgettable performance in the BMX freestyle and won the gold medal with a score of 97.50.

Declan Brooks also won a medal in the men’s competition and won the bronze medal in an excellent third place.

Adam Peaty and his team once again performed well in the men’s 4x100m medley, winning the silver medal in the Olympic final swimming event, second only to the Americans.

Pat McCormack, Ben Whittaker and Frazer Clarke were guaranteed in their boxing matches.

Later, before the men’s 100m final, Max Whitlock will continue with the gymnastics.

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  • Men’s Pommel Horse Final

    Max Whitlock is now the most successful pommel gymnast.

    Two Olympic gold medals and three World Championships.

    • Gold Medal-Max Whitlock, UK
    • Silver Award-Lee Chih Kai, Chinese Taipei
    • Bronze Award-Kaya Kazuma, Japan
  • WHITLOCK retained his Olympic title!

    He is the legend of pommel horse!

    Two Olympic gold medals and three world championships!

  • Men’s Pommel Horse Final


    Li Zhikai of Chinese Taipei-Whitlock’s biggest gold medal threat-scored the most points in qualifying.

    In the final, his score was 15.400, which was 0.183 behind Whitlock!

    Greatly relieved.

  • Men’s High Jump Final

    Double world champion Mutaz Essa Barshim (Mutaz Essa Barshim) hopes to win the gold medal after losing in 2012 and 2016.

    The British team’s Tom Gale participated in the competition, but still faced a medal competition from Russia’s Ilya Ivanyuk and Belarus’s Maxim Nedasekao.

    This one is worth seeing!

  • Men’s Pommel Horse Final

    Max Whitlock made an excellent start in defending his Olympic title.

    He maintained excellent speed and motivation throughout the game.

    When he landed off his horse, there was a big smile on his face.

    This is a huge score! 15.583.

  • Women’s Vault

    Brazilian Rebecca Andrade won the women’s vault champion and became the Olympic champion!

    That was Andrade’s second medal at the Tokyo Olympics. She won the silver medal for individual all-around.

    The American team’s Mykayla Skinner won the silver medal, and the South Korean team’s Yeo Seojeong won the bronze medal.

    Image source: Getty Images
  • The weight of the world

    In the next four days, medals will be contested.

  • Women’s weightlifting 76 kg final

    Emily Godley of Team GB took the lead immediately.

    Lift a total of 222 kg in the snatch and clean and jerk.

  • Close to bronze

    Rory McIlroy admitted that he had never tried so hard to get third place.

    After withdrawing from the bronze medal playoffs, he said: “I have never worked so hard to get third place in my life!

    “This is not where I often find myself in.

    “It is gratifying that this will not be my last chance. I will return to Paris in three years and will do my best.

    “It was not intentional, but I look forward to cracking it again.

    “It was a great experience and a great week. I just wish I could leave with some hardware.”

  • Men’s golf

    • Gold Award-Xander Schauffele, USA
    • Silver Award-Rory Sabbatini, Slovakia
    • Bronze Award-Taiwan Pan Zhengzong

    After his opponent Colin Senchuan was forced to shoot from the bunker, Pan Zhengzong got a clear path to bronze.

  • Pan Zhengzong won the bronze medal!

  • McIlroy out

    Three of the remaining five people withdrew, including Rory McIlroy.

    On the 18th, Pan Zhengzong and Morikawa Kelin duel.

    Bronze medal will do.

  • easy

    it is Gold Represented the Czech team in the women’s doubles tennis match.

    Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova defeated the Swiss duo Belinda Bencic and Viktorija Golubic in two consecutive sets.

    7-5 and 6-1.

    The Czechs are very, very dominant.

  • The value of money

    None of the last five successfully caught the birdie and won the bronze medal.

    We are now on the 11th hole, and only one player successfully caught the birdie hole in the regular game.

  • Five left

    The match between Paul Casey and Hideki Matsuyama has ended, and the five are still in the bronze medal playoffs.

    Rory McIlroy is still fighting for the medal!

    Image source: Getty Images
  • Bronze Medal Playoffs

    Paul Casey scored first and shot the ball into the woods.

    But his second shot was absolutely wonderful, and he performed well in the play-offs.

    His third one was a few yards wider than he wanted.

  • first drop of blood

    The Czech combination Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova defeated Belinda Bencic and Viktorija Golubic of Switzerland 7-5.

    Although the score looked like an intimate match, the Czech pair scored 22 winning goals in the first set.

    Krejcikova and Siniakova are one step closer to the gold medal.

  • Casey and McIlroy in the play-offs

    The British team’s Paul Casey and Ireland’s Rory McIlroy were two-sevenths of the bronze medal play-offs for third place.

    sudden death. Hit the ball on the first hole and you are out!

  • Chaufele Win the gold medal!

    Sabbatini wins silver!

    Bronze award to be determined…

  • SCHAUFFELE gold set

    Xander Schauffele floated his shot on the green, just a few feet from the hole.

    It should be enough for par, and from its appearance it is a gold medal.

  • Casey’s Bird

    Paul Casey of the British team caught a birdie on the 17th hole and he won the bronze medal!

  • connect

    Rory McIlroy was ready to birdie on the 18th hole.

    If he manages to do it, he will keep his distance from a certain position on the medal.

    McIlroy gave it a great opportunity…but it appeared short!

    A few inches away.

  • Golden girl

    Team GB won four medals in BMX racing and BMX freestyle!

    Beth Shriever and Charlotte Worthington won two gold medals, and Kye Whyte won the silver medal.

    Declan Brooks stepped onto the podium and won the bronze medal in the men’s competition.

    Charlotte Worthington (Charlotte Worthington) GB GOLD team in the BMX freestyle scored a staggering 97.50 in the monster run
  • Tennis started

    Czech group Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova will face Swiss group Belinda Benci and Viktorija Golubic.

    In the first set 1-1, both sides kept serving.

    As the game progresses, we will keep you updated on the latest situation of the game!

    Image source: Getty Images
  • Pursuing the gold medal

    The medal is in competition… BBC One!

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