The temperature in the area is expected to rise this week

San Diego (CNS)-On Sunday morning, low clouds once again crossed the coast of San Diego County, producing thick flakes of fog on coastal terraces and some low-elevation areas, the National Weather Service said.

The low clouds quickly dissipated over the land, and as of 9 am, there were only a few remaining clouds on the beach

It is not expected that there will be thunderstorms on Sunday due to lack of moisture, but some point-shaped cumulus clouds are still expected to appear on the mountain.

On Sunday, the high temperature in coastal areas is expected to be 74-79 degrees, inland is 80-85 degrees, and the lowest temperature at night is 60-65 degrees. The high points of the western valley will be 84-89 and 91-96 near the foothills, and the low points will be 62-68. The projected high is 89-97 and the overnight low is 65-72. The high in the desert will be 108-113 and the overnight low will be 82-87.

The National Weather Service said that it is expected that in the middle of the week, the establishment of high pressure will cause the temperature to rise and the ocean layer to shrink, and low coastal clouds will become unlikely in the next few nights.

The heat is expected to peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then gradually cool down. The forecaster said that no monsoon activity is expected this week.

On the beaches in the area, from Monday to Wednesday, there are expected to be several southward surges, 2-3 feet, which will bring some high waves and high offshore flows to more south-facing beaches. The maximum surf may be 5-6 feet.

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