Teen mum Farrah Abraham’s 12-year-old daughter commented on her “physical goal” in the video of her hip injection and told haters to “seek help”

Teen mom Farah Abraham’s 12-year-old daughter commented on the “physical goals” in the video of her mother’s butt injection and told her haters to “seek help.”

Sophia After she defended her mother, she was spoofed online.


Sophie wrote that she has “the best woman to be a mother”Credit: Instagram
Sophia and Farah


Sophia and FarahCredit: Getty

FarahThe 30-year-old has previously posted a video in which she received a butt injection On social media.

Fara’s 12-year-old daughter’s defense information was shared On Reddit.

Sophia wrote: “As a mother, I have the best woman. She is everything. I completely think that my mother is the body and the goal.

“For hard-working mothers, health and happiness come first. For all those who act like you can speak for me, seek spiritual help.”

The preteen child fought back: “You are not her child, but you want you to be. Sorry, you were hurt by your parents, but I am not.”

She concluded: “Save this in your phone so you won’t forget it.”

The reality TV star replied: Your best daughter ever. “


In response, Reddit users claimed Teen mom Xingxing wrote this message for her little guy.

A Reddit user wrote: “I mean, I hope Farah and Sophia didn’t inherit her words salad and thought process.”

Another user said: “Fara is so stupid, she really believes that people really think it’s Sophia who always writes these comments/posts to praise everything she does.”

A third person added: “I can’t decide which is more shocking. Farah writes it as Sophia or Sophia writes it as Sophia.”

The fourth person said: “If Sophia said so, I would be more worried. Farah is a crazy banana peel, so this is expected.”

A commentator interjected: “Why does this pre-adolescence have physical goals? Crazy and surprising…”

“Loot check!”

Recently, this teenage mother star shared a video of herself becoming more Butt injection And she only wore a pair of thongs.

The TV star yelled “Swag check!” before finishing the cosmetic surgery in the Instagram story.

In the video, Fatima love Explained that the former reality TV star was “making fillings for dimples.”

This Music TV After she took off her thong, Alum stretched in the medical chair.

Before the injection, Fatima put her hand on Farah’s bare buttocks.

recent, Farah Speak to the haters who tore up her new memoir in her Instagram story, Dream of twenties.

When sharing a screenshot of the book’s listing on Amazon, the TV personality wrote: “Hates have left me with more negative comments.

“I was shocked to see you working hard to make yourself better.”

Farrah received a butt injection on TikTok


Farrah received a butt injection on TikTokImage Credit: Instagram / @farrahabraham
Farah and Sophia take a photo with the memoir


Farah and Sophia take a photo with the memoir “The Twenties of Dreams”Credit: large institutions
Farah was accused by the troll of writing Sophia's message


Farah was accused by the troll of writing Sophia’s messageCredit: Reddit
Teen mom Farrah Abraham shared a video of herself receiving more butt injections while wearing only thongs

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