Student passports were chopped down, and “no job, no job” triggered strong opposition because experts warned that the virus strain would be more deadly

COVID cases have dropped as the UK recorded 26,144 new virus cases and 71 deaths in 24 hours

As the UK reported 26,144 new cases today and 71 more deaths in the last 24 hours, the number of COVID cases has dropped.

Yesterday, 29,622 coronavirus infections and 68 deaths were announced. At this time last week, 31,795 cases and 28 deaths were reported.

At the same time, 35,773 people received the first dose of Covid vaccine yesterday, bringing the total to 46,811,298.

164,295 people received the second injection, which means that 38,126,702 people are now fully vaccinated.

A government expert warned that the decline in the case rate last week may be due to people’s refusal to be tested in order to avoid self-isolation. Professor Robert West, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Behavior Group (Spi-B) who advises ministers, said this may be a factor in the difference between the high infection rate in the UK and the decrease in daily positive cases.

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