FirstFT: Beijing hopes to strengthen US-China relations in terms of stock market control

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Beijing market regulator calls for Closer communication After the United States tightened its control of Chinese companies listed on Wall Street, Washington tried to ease tensions.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Friday Before the Chinese group is approved to list in the United States, it will make more stringent disclosures about its structure and state-to-state relations.

In a statement on Sunday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission took note of the actions of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and stated that the two parties will “continue to strengthen communication based on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation.” It also emphasized Beijing’s efforts to improve the transparency and predictability of its policies, and promised to “close contact” with investors, companies and authorities.

“The China Securities Regulatory Commission has always been open to companies choosing securities to be listed on the international or domestic markets in compliance with relevant laws and regulations,” it said.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission’s statement is seeking privately Ease the worries of international investors, Told a group of Wall Street banks and global investors that it hit Tutoring It is an isolated incident.But foreign investors are still worried about this and other risks faced by Chinese technology groups, because Chinese technology stocks are ready Worst month Since the global financial crisis.

There are five more stories in the news

1. The United States and the United Kingdom accuse Iran of causing deadly tanker attacks in Oman waters Both countries have Blame Iran An oil tanker in the Gulf region was attacked by drones, killing a British and a Romanian. This attack is likely to exacerbate tensions between Tehran and the West.

2. The head of the Burmese military government is in charge of the “caretaker” government General Min Aung Lai took Prime Minister’s Title As the leader of the “caretaker” government, six months after the army seized power through a coup. The military commander also promised to lift the country’s state of emergency and hold elections by 2023.

3. As residents and tourists flee, Turkey strives to extinguish wildfires Turkey already contains More than 100 wildfires The government said on Sunday that a series of fires near the Mediterranean coast killed six people and forced thousands of residents and foreign tourists to flee the resort.

Villagers water the trees to stop the wildfires that continue to raging in the Manavgat forest in Antalya, Turkey © AP

4. Malaysia targets Binance CEO After Malaysia, Friday again demonstrated the global decentralized efforts to crack down on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance The condemned CEO Changpeng Zhao For “illegal” business, the group also announced plans to shut down its European derivatives business.

5.Donald Trump raised $100 million in funding Donald Trump entered July with a large sum of money More than 100 million U.S. dollars The new federal campaign financial documents show that his 2021 Political Committee raised more donations than other Republicans through online donations in the first half of this year.

Tokyo Olympic finals

Jamaican Elaine Thompson-Herah celebrates after winning the women's 100m final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and setting a new Olympic record © AFP via Getty Images

Jamaican Elaine Thompson-Herah celebrates after winning the women’s 100m final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and setting a new Olympic record © AFP via Getty Images

  • Elaine Thompson-Hera already become The fastest woman After leading Jamaica to sweep the women’s 100m medal.Italian Lamont Marcel Jacobs Is newly minted The fastest man.

  • HongkongOlympic success Expose deep political rifts The police investigated the fans who chanted the Chinese national anthem at the award ceremony.

  • A sort of Belarusian The runner-up who was sent to the airport for participating in the Tokyo Olympics Against her will According to media reports on Sunday evening, after lodged a complaint against her coach.

  • South Korea An Shan became the first woman to win three gold medals in an archery competition since 1904. (FT, Associated Press)

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Coronavirus Digest

  • Pfizer Raised the price Its Covid-19 vaccine has been reduced by more than a quarter, Modern This has been reduced by more than one-tenth in the latest EU supply contract.

  • The pandemic has driven the widest Global House Skyrocketing prices In two decades.

  • Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden warn “Things will get worse” With the Delta variant sweeping the United States, although he added that it is unlikely to return to last year’s lockdown.

  • Millions American At risk of becoming Kicked out of the house The moratorium on evictions during the pandemic expired on Saturday.

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the day before

Tourists allowed to be vaccinated in the UK Starting at 4 o’clock in the morning of British Summer Time, the UK will Accept travelers from the European Union and the U.S. Who was double stabbed. International cruise ships will also be able to restart from British ports after a 16-month break.

Manufacturing PMI data China, Eurozone, France, Germany, India, Japan and the United Kingdom will release manufacturing data today.

Insurance income begins Monday is an important week for insurance earnings reports. AXA second quarter earnings It will be closely watched because it has a heated debate with the hotel industry over pandemic claims.

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Inside Boris Johnson’s currency network The British Prime Minister’s own financial situation may be chaotic, but a secret donor club is changing the fate of his party.mysterious “Advisory Committee,” An unprecedented group of elite donors has regular and direct contact with the most powerful people in the government.

Beijing needs to prepare for extreme weather This month’s flash floods in Henan Province in central China prompted the CCP to revise its emergency plan in preparation for an enhanced response. Threat of extreme weatherAt the same time, Tim Harford of the Financial Times asked: How do we Heat wave protection Our city?

The ANC faction stirs up “dangerous politics” in South African towns This The worst violence Since the end of apartheid, at least 300 people have died, exposing vicious political confrontations and ethnic tensions. The most chilling part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “deliberate, well-planned, and coordinated” attack on infrastructure is the attack that appears to be tailored to take advantage of South Africa’s inequality.

South Africa's income inequality has increased, as a percentage of national income (%)

“The global supply chain was not built for this” Due to strong consumer demand, American railroad yards, ports and warehouses Choked by cargo, Because the number of people is too small to move fast, which leads to delays and price increases for companies and consumers. A traffic analyst said: “I don’t think there is a port in the country that is not affected by congestion.”

That summer that changed my life From Hawaii to the Himalayas, Simon Schama, Lucy Kellaway and other FT writers accompanied them during the holidays. how about you?Share your favorite summer vacation memories in the comments at the bottom this story.

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