Egypt: 8 soldiers killed in “anti-terrorism” operation in Sinai Peninsula | Islamic State/Islamic State News

The Egyptian military stated that nearly 90 fighters were killed in northern Sinai, where fighters loyal to ISIL operated.

The armed forces stated that in the latest “anti-terrorism operation”, eight Egyptian soldiers were killed.

According to a statement issued by the armed forces on Sunday, most of the fighting took place in northern Sinai, and the “last period” was where fighters loyal to the Islamic State (ISIS) were operating there.

It is not yet clear whether all the soldiers were killed there or in various other areas.

The statement stated that 89 fighters were killed in the operation.

The military stated that different types of weapons and ammunition were confiscated during the operation, and hundreds of explosive devices and some explosive belts were destroyed.

It also destroyed 13 tunnel entrances used to infiltrate the northern Sinai area bordering the Gaza Strip and Israel.

It did not state the exact time when the action took place.

The statement said that the Air Force coordinated with border guards and also attacked and destroyed 200 vehicles, some of which contained weapons and ammunition, while attempting to penetrate the country’s western and southern borders.

Libya borders Egypt to the west, and Sudan borders Egypt to the south.

After the military overthrew the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi in 2013, attacks by armed groups began to spread in northern Sinai.

According to the official statement, hundreds of police and soldiers and more than 1,000 civilians were killed in the attack.

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