Eagles training camp notes, day 4: sloppy offense

Day 4 of the Philadelphia Eagles training camp started late at 5:30 on Saturday night because the NFL Network conducted a one-day observation in all 32 NFL training camps. This requires the Eagles to start later than usual? ,who cares. This practice is in the book, and as always, we have notes.

• We have been in training camp for four days. Although this is not the largest sample size, the Hawks offense does not look sharp. I believe it starts with the quarterback.

Certain types of players are unlikely to stand out in training camp training, especially those who wear shells and shorts (such as unlined training) because their playing style is more suitable for live games. For example, a powerful running back in a 7 vs. 7 game is usually not as impressive as he does in a live tackle game. Or, a big defensive tackle will be more difficult to prove his worth than a faster inside pass rusher.

Similarly, the format of training camp exercises will not be emphasized Jaylen is injured Advantage. Hertz is a player who has proven that he can play with his feet, whether it’s running with the ball or extending the game and finding a catcher outside his pocket. A quarterback trained in an efficient training camp can quickly and accurately pass the ball out of the pocket. E.g, Sam Bradford Often looks like a stud in training camp practice because it was his game, but this did not translate into a live performance of flying around.

Despite this, Hurts did not deliver the ball quickly or accurately, because he missed a lot of opportunities to shoot the ball and was often unable to pull the trigger in an open quicker shot.

In the 2020 training camp, Hertz has been running with the ball, which has no real meaning for improvement. During the regular season, if one or two of his options do not exist, he will quickly roll up and run. For a quarterback with a running ability like Hertz, it is nothing unusual for a young player to rely on this skill.

I have been looking for whether Hurts will try to improve his skills in his pocket in his second training camp, because July and August are the time to eliminate some of your uncomfortable places. Before bail in the second year, he was definitely more willing to pay out of his pocket than when he was a rookie, so I’m glad to see. However, if there is any hope that Hurts will enter the training camp in 2021 and his accuracy problem will be substantially solved from the jump, that hasn’t happened, and frankly, it shouldn’t happen because Hurts’ skills are flawed (e.g. Quick and accurate throwing) develops over time.

In the end, the result on the court is that the defense has won most of these practices so far, and the offense seems sloppy. Obviously, there is still a long way to go before the start of the season.

• The injury is indeed a very good throw Zach Ertz It rose sharply on the sidelines on Saturday.Oetz sprinkled ashes Elijah Riley On the wheel route.

• I participated in some one-on-one OL-DL operations again. This is what I see:

Derek Barnett Trying an action, he pretended to rotate inside, and then rotate outside instead of outside. Andre DillardIt looks a bit bulky, but it still beats Dillard who is holding Barnett. Dillard did regroup in the next game against Barnett, when Barnett’s low-post rollout movement ended with Dillard pushing him to the ground.

There is a representative in which Jordan Myrata Throw stones Josh Khan In his trail. For Mailata, this was a clear victory, however, Jeff Storland After representing his dislike of Mailata’s unarmed combat, he became passionate about Mailata. I actually think this is a good sign for Mailata, because Stoutland may have praised him for that representative a few years ago, but now he is interested in a finer detail.

Jack Driscoll Impressive in 1 to 1.He handles Ryan Kerrigan and Brandon Graham On Saturday, there was a good fight with Kerrigan throughout the camp. If you remember, Ryan Johnson Week 1 against Washington was late, forcing Driscoll to start against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. The Hawks did not give Driscoll much help, probably because they had already made their game plan, and Driscoll’s task was to compete with Kerrigan, Chase Young, Ryan Anderson, Montez Sweat, and some representatives. Inside players like Jonathan Allen. His performance was better than anyone could reasonably expect, and he clearly surpassed LT in that game. Jason Peters.

Driscoll looks comfortable in terms of pass protection, which is the most important thing. As a rookie, he did not impress people in the running competition. On Saturday, he was blown up by Graham in the running competition.

Driscoll’s future with the team will be interesting because he is a valuable NFL player, but where will the Hawks beat him? Last year, the Eagles may cross-train Driscoll in tackles, guards and even center positions, but they chose not to do so because the offseason was shortened. Instead, they let him focus on tackles. idea:

  1. If you keep him in overtime, that’s great, but he is always at a disadvantage because He lacks ideal height/arm length.
  2. If he plays guard, he has a long way to go before he can give you anything as a base runner. Without a significant increase in power, he may not be able to play as a defender, at least as a starter.
  3. Maybe he can play center? His football IQ seemed pretty good in his rookie period, and he didn’t flinch in the face of difficult tasks.

Maybe the answer is that the Hawks will try to train him to be a “jack of all trades”, please forgive the pun, if necessary, he can come off the bench and play any position. Such players can be very valuable. At the moment, I think his best position is to tackle.

Brett Toth The training camp started well, and the Hawks sometimes even pushed him inside. If they can’t see something on him, they won’t bother.He has a good representative against Tarron Jackson Saturday.

Milton Williams Flashed by.He has a fast, twitching movement inside, the beat Nate Herbig. Former trench man Barrett Brooks Standing next to me, Williams’ explosive power left a deep impression on him.

• There are also some WR-DB one-to-one:

Travis Fulham fighting Steve Nelson (Yes, he now wants to be called Steve in several representatives, not Steven). Fulgam defeated the Steelers last season and Nelson was included on several occasions, but Nelson defeated Fulgam on Saturday because he had close reports on all three of their games. Fulham did receive the ball once against Nelson.

Quetz Watkins Played a beautiful game on a low deep ball.He surpassed Michael Yakai Go off the line and catch it on the sidelines. By the way, Saturday was Watkins’ first game of the summer.

I think Craig James Had a nice day in a one-on-one match, although his advantage is that he can cover the faltering rookie UDFA Jamon OsborneJames has made many pass errors.

• Last season under Doug Pederson (Doug Pederson), the Eagles’ screen game was a mess and must be improved significantly in 2021. So far, screen attempts, like everything else on the offensive end, have been sloppy.But they did popular one on Saturday because Ryan Johnson and Jason Kelsey Lead the way Miles Sanders.

• I like Sanders’ mentality as a player. In the interview, he has mastered the struggles of passing the ball last season and is working hard to solve these problems.On Saturday, he blocked the court Zeke McPherson In the game that hurts QB, so much that Rodney McLeod Started yelling “Wow wow wow!” Aside, as if to say, “Settle down, Miles.” Sanders smiled and said trash to McLeod on the way back to the crowd.

Jason Huntley There are wheels. He showed some serious performances on the sidelines on Saturday night and was clearly the fastest guard on the team. Huntley had 59 professional return attempts during his college years, with an average of 25.8 yards per attempt and 5 touchdowns. After the Eagles announced their abstention, he remained on the Eagles roster throughout the 2020 season. .Therefore, I like his chance to make the list, he even My list of top 53 training camp predictions.

However, so far, he has not caught the ball well in training camp, and his conceded on Saturday was terrible. This is a bit strange, because he averaged 42 catches per season during his last three years in New Mexico.

• Stay at the running back if you have any questions Boston Scott In 2021 with the state of the team, there should not be. He is a lineup locker because he has enough time in the first team offense and has been active in passing games.

Devon Tower Smith Injured early in the practice and did not finish. He did not go to the medical tent, nor did he return to the building or similar places, but he did watch most of the practice on the sidelines. The Eagles said after practice that this was a minor leg injury. It remains to be determined whether Smith will return there on Monday.

Jack Elliott He scored a goal in training camp for the first time, and his start was unstable.

33-not good, wide right
49-not good, wide left

In his second kick, the 38-year-old played well, Elliott barely squeaked on the post. Elliott experienced the worst season of his career in 2020, and he missed some short goals. He needs to have a rebounding season in 2021 to ensure that he continues to stay with the team in 2022 and beyond.

• Please stay tuned to the practice summary podcast, it will appear here when recording and publishing. Or catch up with some previous reviews:

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