Due to the Premier League star’s refusal a few days before the season, the virus cases dropped by 30% within a week

As the Conservative Party threatens the uprising, pressure on vaccine passports to recall MPS is increasing

Boris Johnson is facing renewed strong opposition from the party against the “threat” of domestic vaccine passports, demanding that members of Congress be recalled from the holiday to debate the proposal.

Andrew Bridgen, one of the 43 Conservative MPs who signed the statement against vaccine passports, said that if ministers are “seriously” asking people to show proof of vaccine status in order to enter domestic venues and activities, Parliament should be recalled from the summer recess.

This call implies cross-party support for the return of the House of Commons before September.

Last week, the Liberal Democrats stated that the NHS app has changed to allow users to prove that they have been double-attacked while visiting the domestic environment and traveling internationally, and therefore need to be recalled.

The Conservative Party magnate Sir David Lidington, who served as the de facto Deputy Prime Minister under the leadership of Theresa May, expressed concern about the growing number of Conservative Party members. They were worried about the prospect of vaccine passports. Used in European countries, including Denmark and France.

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