Cassandra Johnston: The car belonging to the missing Bucks County woman found in Philadelphia a few weeks after the disappearance

According to multiple reports, Cassandra Johnston, a 26-year-old woman who disappeared in Center City in early July, found a car on Woodhaven Road in northeastern Philadelphia.

Johnston’s family confirmed that her car was found in an email sent to the police. Bring Casey home to the Facebook page. according to CBS 3On Saturday afternoon, a search team led by a private investigator found the 2016 Ford Focus while flying over the wooded area along Woodhaven Road in a helicopter.

Johnston, a Temple University student from Southampton, is The last time it appeared was around 5:30 am on July 10th at 12th and Vine Street According to investigators, after leaving the friend’s residence in Philadelphia. Lower Southampton police said that Johnston’s mobile phone was found near her last known location, but she and her car disappeared without a trace.

“She started driving to I-95,” Johnston’s family said July 13th post, bringing Casey home“We are not sure in which direction she went after that because she did not appear on any other traffic cameras after that.”

Photo Twitter Brandon Hudson of NBC10 On Sunday afternoon, departing from Woodhaven Road, Johnston’s car was on a trailer and was badly damaged; its front bumper was missing, and there was a windshield on the passenger’s side. Big crack.

“The investigation into her whereabouts is still ongoing,” Johnston’s family said on the “Bring Casey Home” show.

Johnston is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. She has brown hair and green eyes, and was last seen wearing a white shirt and leopard skirt with sandals. Talk to CBS3 On July 16, they said that Johnston looked “optimistic” the night before her disappearance and did not share anything unusual.

Thirteen days later Post to bring Casey homeBetween 5:15 am and 7 am on July 10th, anyone traveling on Interstate 95 will be called by their family members, “Maybe you have any information about Casey, or remember to see Something unusual.” They also introduced GoFundMe Page to help them buy Billboard on I-95 Improve search awareness.

They wrote in a Facebook post: “She is so strong, we must try to be as strong as her to continue fighting for her.” “Our family was overwhelmed by everyone’s strong support. At first it felt like We are standing in the city, no one can ask for help, and now seeing everyone gathered together shows that we can tide over the difficulties. We will look for her.”

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