Anthony Barajas is dead-TikTok star died after being “shot by Joseph Jimenez” in the cinema with Rylee Goodrich

TIKTOK star Anthony Barajas was shot and injured by Joseph Jimenez while allegedly shooting in a California movie theater on Saturday morning.

Jimenez is currently in custody and cannot be released on bail Allegedly attacked Regal Edwards Corona Crossings cinema He shot Goodrich and 19-year-old Anthony Barajas on Monday night.

The Corona Police Department confirmed the death of Barajas at the age of 19. “We express our thoughts and condolences to his family and friends,” the press release said.

Barajas and his friends Riley GoodrichThe 18-year-old watched “Forever Purification” at the Regal Edwards Cinema in Corona on Monday.

Goodrich passed away Barajas was taken to the hospital, where he received life support until he Succumbed to his injury.

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  • The couple was shot at “zero distance”

    Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas were shot in the head from close range at the Corona Cinema.

    Goodrich’s father David told Daily mail: “He basically shot directly from behind her head.”

    He said his daughter “not even had a chance” after Jimenez shot.

  • The fans are heartbroken after Anthony Barajas passes the ball

    Heartbroken fans posted their reaction to the death of Anthony Barajas on Twitter.

    “RIP Anthony Barajas, such a talented man, such a heartbreaking story, pray for his family,” one wrote.

  • The staff did not hear the gunshots

    According to reports, staff at Corona Cinema found them while cleaning up the victims. New York Post Report.

    Employee Kailyn Dillon told KCAL: “During the actual shooting, apparently no one heard the gunshots.”

    The two were filmed during the screening of the fifth film “Purification Forever” in the anthology.

  • Fans mourn the loss of Anthony Barajas

    After Barajas passed away on Saturday, fans paid their respects on Twitter.

    One wrote: “Rest in peace #Anthony Barajas I left at such a young age. People are evil. “

  • Goodrich’s father yelled at the murderer when he appeared in court

    According to ABC7, when Jimenez first appeared in the Riverside County Superior Court yesterday, Rylee’s “painful father” sobbed.

    When Jimenez was taken out of the Riverside Courthouse, David Goodrich screamed and wept.

    He shouted: “Hey, look at me, brother!” Look at me! Look at me, buddy! “Then sobbed and fell into the arms of a friend.

  • No motive

    The police have not yet discovered Joseph Jimenez’s motive for shooting Goodrich and Barajas.

    Filming took place during the screening of the fifth film “Forever Purification” in the film anthology.

    In the movie, the plot revolves around all legal crimes within 12 hours, including murder.

    The police do not know whether the film was the motive for the shooting.

  • Actor PLASTIC MARTYR tweeted tribute

    The actress and model “Plastic Martyr” expressed her thoughts and prayers to the families of Riley Goodrich and Anthony Barajas on Twitter.

    She wrote: “I just heard #Anthony Barajas & #RyleeGoodrich

    “A few nights ago, these teenagers were the victims of the cinema shooting. Riley died on the spot and Anthony died last night.

    “I am heartbroken for their family. #GunControlNow

  • Commemorating Goodrich and Barajas outside the cinema

    A memorial was set up for Riley Goodrich and Anthony Barajas outside the Corona Cinema on Monday, where they were tragically shot dead.

    ABC7 reporter Leanne Suter posted a video on Twitter showing friends and family gathered outside the theater.

  • The police found the murder weapon in Jimenez’s home

    The police found no guns at the scene. However, during a search of Jiminez’s home in El Cerrito on Tuesday, the police found a gun they believed was used to carry out the shooting.

    The police said in a press release: “During the search of the residence, guns and other evidence related to the crime scene were found.”

    “The gun matches the caliber of the weapon used in the murder.”

  • Goodrich University issued a statement

    Rylee Goodrich, a student at Grand Canyon University, issued a statement via Twitter.

    “GCU is saddened by the loss of Rylee Goodrich, a GCU sophomore from Corona, California. She was killed on Monday night. In this difficult time, join us in praying for her family and friends.”

  • Friends tweet tribute to RYLEE

    A friend of Rylee Goodrich paid tribute to the teenager on Twitter and attached a photo of the two.

    She wrote: “I can’t understand this guy. I love you rylee very much. @rylee_goodrich

  • BARAJAS and GOODRICH’s first date

    Rylee Goodrich’s father confirmed that the teenage couple were dating and they were shot dead in the cinema on Monday.

    Dave Goodrich told Fox 11: “This is their first date. And it’s a boy her father really recognized.”

    It is said that Riley’s wallet was found in his house.

    Dave Goodrich added: “She has no money. The boy paid for everything. I thought she only had a cell phone.”

  • When was the shooting time?

    The shooting occurred before midnight on Monday, when “Forever Purification” was screened at Regal Edwards Corona Crossings, which was a dystopian action film, and all crimes, including murder, were legal.

    18-year-old Rylee Goodrich was found dead in her seat, her friend and Tik Tok The 19-year-old star Anthony Barajas was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He is currently receiving life support.

    According to reports, the staff found the victim while cleaning up the victim after the film ended. New York Post Report.

  • Friends of Barajas expressed support on Twitter

    While the victim Anthony Barajas was still supporting, his friend, local photographer and journalist Malik Earnest posted a touching message on Twitter.

    He wrote: “My friend, 19-year-old Anthony Barajas, and his friend were receiving life support after they were shot to death in a cinema in Corona, California. 18-year-old Riley Goodrich died at the scene .

    “Although gun violence continues to prevail in our country, you will never really expect your loved ones to be victims of gun violence.”

  • Who are Barajas and Goodrich?

    Football player Anthony Barajas has more than 920,000 followers on TikTok and more than 40,000 followers on Instagram.

    Rylee Goodrich is a cheerleader and has played volleyball.

    According to ABC7, she won a scholarship in the STEM program of Grand Canyon University.

    Rylee’s cousin Ashley Cole told the media that this teenager has a “great heart” and loves to help others.

  • There is no indication that the suspect knew the victim

    The Corona authorities said in a statement that they found no evidence that the 20-year-old Joseph Jimenez knew the couple, and the latter was suspected of shooting and killing Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Ba. Lahas (Anthony Barajas).

    They also confirmed that no people involved in the crime were connected to the gang.

    Goodrich and Barajas were shot to death during the screening of “Forever Purification”, where The theater employee said The “execution style” in which the victim was shot.

  • Support from fans

    On Monday, in a terrible shooting incident, the families of Anthony Barajas and Rylee Goodrich were shot to death, and fans were praying for their families on Twitter.

    A fan wrote on Twitter: “Justice for you #Anthony Barajas#RyleeGoodrich We are praying for your family to get well soon”

  • Vigil for the victims

    After Riley Goodrich and Anthony Barajas were shot in a movie theater on Monday, a vigil was held in the Corona area on Friday, KABC report.

    A vigil was held at the New Start Community Church in Norco, California, where Goodrich’s parents and friends shared touching memories of the late teenager.

    Goodrich’s former high school classmate, Alex Apatiga, said: “Wherever you go, she will brighten up the room with a smile. She is always nice to everyone.”

  • Fans mourned the loss of Barajas in tweets

    After his death on Saturday, fans paid tribute to popular TikTok star Anthony Barajas on Twitter.

    One person wrote: “Sometimes I can’t understand the idea that some people will die because they are young.

    “Today, Anthony Barajas (@itsanthonymichael on tiktok) died of a shot in the head while watching a movie.

    “Even if I don’t know him, my heart is broken. He is so sincere and kind—”

  • Police confirmed death

    The Corona Police Department issued a statement confirming that Barajas died after losing his life support on Saturday.

    “The Corona Police Department has learned that Anthony Barajas passed away this morning. We express our condolences and condolences to his family and friends.”

    The police department also revealed that it has arrested 20-year-old Joseph Jimenez, and the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office will add a first-degree murder to his charge.

  • RYLEE GOODRICH father yelled at the suspect in court

    Joseph Jimenez was accused of killing Barajas and Goodrich at the Corona Cinemas, Appear in court on Friday.

    When Jimenez walked out of the courtroom, Goodrich’s father yelled to him: “Hey, look at me, brother! Look at me! Look at me, man! That’s mine…”

    When his voice gradually changed to sobbing, he stopped talking.

  • Barajas was removed from life support

    Barajas died on Saturday a few days after the shooting, when he had lost his life support.

    The shooting took place at Corona Cinemas on Monday, and “Forever Purification” was screened.

    Barajas was only 19 years old when he died.

  • Fundraising for BARAJAS

    A sort of GoFundMe The page was set up to help pay for the funeral expenses of Anthony’s family.

    The headline read: “We lost our amazing brother, son and friend in a tragic accident and are currently receiving life support.

    “Anthony is the light in many people’s lives. There are difficult times ahead, but we have great family and friends to overcome them.

    “Please donate medical funds, etc. Thank you everyone, everything will help!”

  • Who is the shooter?

    The authorities suspect that the perpetrator was Joseph Jimenez, who has already faced separate murder charges.

    Jimenez faces murder, attempted murder and robbery, TMZ report.

    He allegedly stole the wallet of Anthony Barajas’s date, Rylee Goodrich, and shot her.

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