American shot putter Raven Sanders protested on the Olympic podium for the first time against the death of blacks is also a fate news

The athlete known as the “Hulk” crossed his arms into an “X” to show his support for the “oppressed people.”

Raven Sanders, an American shot putter, faces the risk of disciplinary action after his first protest on the Olympic podium.

The 25-year-old athlete was nicknamed the “Hulk” by the Marvel superhero in high school. After winning the silver medal in Sunday’s game, she gave an “X” to the medal ceremony at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday. Posture with crossed arms.

American media reported that Sanders, who is black and outspokenly supporting LGBTQ rights, said her gesture was to support the “oppressed.”

After winning the silver medal, Sanders said she wanted to represent “people who are fighting all over the world but don’t have a platform to speak for themselves.”

Sanders’ protest is the first test of the International Olympic Committee’s rules, which prohibit any form of protest on the Olympic medal podium.

The International Olympic Committee has adjusted the rules on protests by athletes before the games, expressing that they allow peaceful protests before the games.

However, the Olympics governing body has adopted strict rules regarding protests on the medal podium.

It is unclear what sanctions (if any) Sanders might face.

The latest International Olympic Committee guidelines released last month stated that the disciplinary action of the protest will be “commensurate with the extent of the damage and violations that are inconsistent with Olympic values.”

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) stated before the game that it will not impose sanctions on athletes for protests.

Last year, after George Floyd was killed, a nationwide protest took place in the United States. After reviewing the rules, USOPC softened its attitude towards athletes protesting on the podium.

Experts say that the International Olympic Committee is unlikely to adopt a harsh attitude towards athletes protesting in Tokyo, because it may cause public relations backlash.

Sanders, with purple and green hair, won the silver medal behind Chinese player Gong Lijiao.

“I know it will be a melee in life-a lot of things are not easy for you, so I look forward to it and prepare for it,” she said of the game.

“I want to make sure that when I compete with the best, I am competing with the best.”

A few years ago, Sanders talked about major problems with mental health and depression.

“For everything I have experienced in my mental health, injuries, you know, everything like that… to be able to truly invest in everything I have mentally and physically, and be able to leave with a medal, and be able to go out, It really motivates so many people…I really only hope that I can continue to motivate and motivate.”

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