According to AI research on major U.S. cities, Philadelphia has the best roads in the U.S.

Philadelphia’s roads—at least in the central city—are the best in the country, as determined by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce using artificial intelligence to investigate conditions in 20 metropolitan areas.

That’s it Research Job: An analyst at RoadBotics, based in Pittsburgh, installed a smartphone on the windshield of a car and drove about 75 miles in cities across the country. The video of the road surface captured by the mobile phone, from which artificial intelligence identifies potholes, cracks and other problems. Then rank the cities based on the total score.

Philadelphia survey It only spans 72 miles of the 2,575 miles that make up the city. The car drove south to Catherine Street in Bellavista and north to Willy Street in Francisville. Fifth Street serves as the eastern boundary, and the car drove west to Pennsylvania Avenue, past the Art Museum.

The Chamber of Commerce said in its report: “The selection of these areas corresponds to the urban area.” “Therefore, the data analyzed cannot reflect the overall situation of any city.”

Translation: Philadelphia’s position in the rankings may be quite different-or non-existent-if the car is driven outside the center city on an infrequently maintained road.Steve Lorenz, the city’s chief highway engineer, told the media Inquirer In March, the staff filled about 15,000 potholes by 2021 in less than 3 months.

Among the roads included in the study, 39.82% of the roads were rated as the “best condition” level, and 48.53% of the roads were rated as the second level. Approximately 10% of people are ranked in the third echelon, and less than 2% are left between the two worst echelons. Here is what the Chamber of Commerce has to say:

“As the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has a population of more than 6 million. As a major city on the heavily trafficked I-95 corridor, Philadelphia’s transportation infrastructure has It’s important. The Mid-Atlantic area. Philadelphia’s 71-mile analysis scored the highest of all the cities we analyzed, with a total score of 1.74, indicating that the street surface is well maintained. This score may be attributed to the higher per capita income value of $1,145.”

The Chamber of Commerce stated that its investigation is to “better understand the relationship and patterns of road conditions” because more and more people start commuting to work in downtown business districts after one year at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Benjamin Schmidt of RoadBotics told Why The evaluation process is “very objective”.

Schmidt said: “You may be driving very smoothly in Philadelphia, where nothing happened; you didn’t encounter traffic jams; you didn’t see potholes, but your experience would not think of these.”. “You will definitely remember. It’s a selection bias to live in the pothole.”

The top five are: Jacksonville, New York City, Denver and Nashville. To view the full ranking, Click here.

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