The thief caregiver who kicked the 77-year-old bedridden OAP to death was sentenced to life imprisonment

A burglary paramedic who kicked a 77-year-old bedridden woman to death has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court heard that gambling addict Michael Robinson stole £4,000 from Carol Hart’s bank account two months ago and then dragged her out of bed.


35-year-old Michael Robinson (Michael Robinson) strangled her with steel hat boots and kicked her to death after questioning him about the theft

After questioning him about the theft, the 35-year-old man choked her throat with steel boots and kicked her in the face.

Her neck was broken in a “cruel and constant attack” in the living room, and she slept in a skirt in Northam, Devon, Exeter The Royal Court heard.

Judge Garnum sentenced Robinson, also from Northam, to life imprisonment for at least 30 years.

He told the murderer who denied the murder: “You are Carol Hart’s caregiver. Your job is to take care of her.”

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