San Diego Padres enters 10-day injury list due to shoulder injury

San Diego (AP)-The exciting shortstop of the San Diego Padres, Fernando Tatis Jr., was added to the 10-day injury list on Saturday, marking the third partial left shoulder dislocation of the season. The following day.

The Padres announced the move before the game against the Colorado Rockies. They also put right shooter Chris Paddack (Chris Paddack) on the IL with a slash injury.

Tatis, the starting shortstop of the National League in the All-Star Game, is Injured friday night Slipped awkwardly to third base in the first game against the Rocky Mountains. When he was taken off the court by manager Jess Tinler and a coach, he felt painful.

Tinler said Tatis “may be more painful than some people we have experienced in the past.”

Padres, who ranks third in NL West and controls the second wild card position, have been praying that their superstar will return within 10 days.

Tatis led the NL with 31 home runs and 23 stolen bases. He hit 0.292 with 70 hits.

His left shoulder has become a problem. He hurt his joints while swinging the bat, jumping into the ground and sliding. Two of the three injuries brought him to Illinois.

The priests said that Tatis had an MRI on Saturday morning, and there was instability and inflammation in his left shoulder.

Tingler said: “We are under a very realistic possibility. Once it appears and re-enters, it is likely to repeat and continue to happen.” “Of course we understand the risk, and we understand that in yesterday’s slippery slope, he eventually fell into In such an embarrassing situation, this situation may happen.”

On Friday night, Tatis singled out and used Manny Machado’s sharp ground ball to push to third baseman Ryan McMahon, who received the ball, but then the ball popped out of his glove and rolled behind him into the front left field. Tatis rushed to third, but shortstop Brendan Rogers ran to third, took the ball from McMahon and marked the sliding Tatis.

Tatis slid into his bag, landed heavily on his left shoulder, and fell in pain a few feet away, quieting Peco Park. Tinler and a coach helped Tatis off the court, and he held his left arm and flinched in pain. The trainer held Tatis’ upper arm/shoulder.

Tatis had a partial dislocation of his left shoulder in his violent swing against San Francisco on April 5 and entered the 10-day injury list. On June 19, he hurt his shoulder again for the ball and left the game against Cincinnati, but only missed one game.

The 22-year-old Tatis injured his shoulder while pitching and left the spring training game, but returned two days later. He revealed at the time that he had been dealing with shoulder discomfort since his minor league days.

After testing positive for COVID-19, Tatis also missed eight games in mid-May.

Tatis amazed fans with his tape-measure home runs and batting shots, bold running and shortstop aggressive play, even though he led the majors with 20 turnovers.

The Padres teamed up with him and allowed him to reduce his head-down slides. His slide on Friday night was foot-first.

He became the first Padres player to be selected to start the All-Star Game since Tony Gwynn in 1999.

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