Who is Questlove and what did he say to DaBaby?

QUESTLOVE spoke about DaBaby’s controversial comments at Rolling Loud, which drew DaBaby’s response.

More and more celebrities Has come out to fight the rapper DaBaby After his homophobic remarks.


Questlove was born on January 20, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose real name is Ahmir Khalib Thompson (Ahmir Khalib Thompson)Credit: Getty

Who is Questlove?

Questlove, formerly known as Ahmir Khalib Thompson, was born in Philadelphia on January 20, 1971. Pennsylvania.

He attended the High School of Creative and Performing Arts in Philadelphia.

When he graduated, he and his friend Tariq Trotter formed a band called Square Roots, now known as Black Thought.

The band later removed the word “square” and added members as root.

Questlove has performed, performed, produced and directed countless actions, and appeared on and composed TV shows, including being a member of The Tonight Show’s resident band Jimmy Fallon.

He composed songs for some of the greatest artists in history, wrote four books, won five Grammy Awards, and served as an adjunct professor at New York University.

according to Celebrity net worth, Questlove is worth 14 million US dollars.

This comes from his joint investment in composition, performance, directing, writing, production, etc.

His most recent adventure was to direct a Harlem film called “Summer of Souls”, which premiered on July 2, 2021.

What did the big baby say?

DaBaby was slammed Because of the explicit rants about HIV and “d**k inhalation”.

In the Miami game, Florida Holiday on July 25, 2021, big baby Said: “If you don’t have HIV, AIDS, or any fatal sexually transmitted disease that will kill you in two or three weeks, then turn your phone on.

“Ladies, if you smell like water, light them up with your phone. Guys, if you’re not sucking shit in the parking lot, light up your phone. Keep it real.”

Since then, the rapper has been dragged down by spreading misinformation about HIV and AIDS and stigmatization of the disease.

Questlove issued a statement on Instagram on July 28, 2021, on DaBaby’s homophobic remarks made during Rolling Loud in Miami


Questlove issued a statement on Instagram on July 28, 2021, on DaBaby’s homophobic remarks made during Rolling Loud in MiamiCredit: Getty Images-Getty

What did Questlove say to DaBaby?

Questlove issued a statement on Instagram on July 28, 2021, saying Big baby Homophobic remarks made during the Rolling Loud in Miami.

The musician shared the lineup photos of his movie “Summer of Souls” premiered on July 2, 2021, and DaBaby’s name was crossed out.

The title reads: “I assume someone asks if I am planning an updated version of #SummerOfSoul. Who will be my behavior? I gave a list of my dreams.”

“Now I am updating my list-because it is 2021&f — longs —.”

“I especially didn’t do it for any brutality (if you get lost: Google crossed out idiot),” he continued.

“Right is right, his behavior is wrong. Homophobia/transphobia/xenophobia/misogyny/racism-this should not be said to be morally wrong.”

How did DaBaby respond to Questlove?

DaBaby subsequently responded to Questlove in a series of Instagram posts, claiming that he did not know who the drummer was.

The rapper wrote, “When I say…I don’t know who dawg is, I don’t even want to be funny,” he wrote. “And I don’t care about losing your fan, my boy, haha [email protected] You or anyone else who wants to play follow the leader. This superstar is a fan who has come forward. Have you never seen one of them? “

He continued, “These n—-s really think they have influenced people to stop f—–w/ influence.”

“What they said to me was not what you said and went crazy. I got influence and crazy n—-. You are all n—- cheerleaders.”

Rapper DaBaby slams the explicit “homophobic” rant about HIV and “sucking d**k”

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