Tokyo Olympics live results: the British team won the gold medal in the triathlon mixed relay, Asher-Smith and Artistsall participated in the competition

TEAM GB started the eighth day of the Olympic Games with the gold medal in the triathlon mixed relay.

Jess Learmonth, Jonny Brownlee, Georgia Taylor-Brown and Alex Yee swept the field in an exciting game and won the gold medal in excellent form.

After defeating the United States 24-12, the women of GB entered the semi-finals of the Rugby Sevens game. Japan has more things to look forward to.

They will face France later tonight, as well as the third round of athletics and men’s golf at the Tokyo Stadium.

Dina Asher-Smith reached the 100m semi-finals, and South Wales boxing star Katliss Artinstall was also competing for a medal.

  • Starting time: 1am sports, 3.30am England vs. France Rugby

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  • History Maker

    The British team won the first mixed triathlon at the Olympics.

    It’s awesome!

    Brownlee finally won his first gold medal in his third game.

  • ? American Silver Award?

    The American team won the silver medal after Pearson’s outstanding performance.

    The French team won the bronze medal just after Louis was out.

    Neither of them could keep up with Yee, so he rushed out when he got off the bike.

  • ? GB Gold Award?

    Britain won the gold medal in the mixed triathlon final!

    It’s awesome!

    Team GB won by 14 seconds!

    Go in there!

  • Major news

    It only takes one minute to leave the triathlon.

    Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare was out of the women’s 100 meters.

    She will participate in the semifinals of Dina Asher-Smith.

    But she tested positive for human growth hormone.

  • damn it!

    Now Louis has been surpassed by Pearson!

    The United States returned to the silver medal position, and Yee had completed the first lap with 11 seconds ahead.

  • Change!

    We are now running!

    Yee is the first person to enter the dismantling line.

    He started running three seconds earlier.

    Pearson of the United States is 9 seconds behind the leader.

    Come on, Alex take the gold home!

  • Damn it!

    The French team and the GB team go hand in hand!

    The journey of Vincent Louis was amazing!

    After leading 21 seconds at the time of launch, Yee is now behind.

    But he is one of the best triathletes in the world.

  • Top tight

    Vincent Luis of France is in second place and he is putting pressure on Yee!

    The gap narrowed to less than ten seconds.

  • Effluent

    Alex Yee, swimming is so good!

    The silver medalist had no trouble climbing out of the bike to ride a bike.

    The Briton leads the mixed triathlon by 17 seconds.

  • Conversion

    Taylor-Brown marked Alex Yee, and then he went into the water to find the anchor leg!

    He was 21 seconds ahead!

    Yee won the silver medal in the men’s triathlon final.

    At the same time, Morgan Pearson of the United States-his closest competitor-took 14th place.

  • With or without

    Two-time Olympic gold medalist Alistair Brownlee-Johnny’s brother-believes that his siblings have almost perfect legs.

    When evaluating Johnny’s performance, he said: “Perhaps 9 and a half out of 10 points-I will never give him 10 out of 10 points, but he did what he needed to do.

    “It is very important to leave Georgia a gap so that there is clear water between her and the next person.

    “Many teams are under pressure, and many popular teams are falling behind.

    “This is a great event worth watching and participating in.”

  • Run, Georgia, run!

    Taylor-Brown got off the bike, she now let her walk on the blue carpet and start running.

    Taylor Knibb shortened the lead to 11 seconds.

    It will be close.

  • Seconds out

    Taylor-Brown is now on the second leg of her bike.

    She is 22 seconds faster than American Taylor Knibb.

    What a wonderful game so far!

  • Johnny is coming

    Jonny Brownlee (Jonny Brownlee) rose from third to first in his lap and was satisfied with his performance.

    He told BBC Sports: “A short day. I will accept it.

    “After Jess’s amazing first round, it got us started.

    “We just need to keep ourselves in the game now. We are in a good position now.”

  • Effluent

    Taylor-Smith’s wonderful run as he climbed out of the water and walked towards the bike.

    She leads the US team by 23 seconds.

    Let us hope that the silver medalist will not suffer a flat tire like in her women’s singles triathlon final…

  • Lead

    Brownlee easily leads the United States and cruises ahead!

    When he passed the ball to Georgia Taylor Brown who was rushing to the surface, he gave the GB team a healthy 9-second lead.

  • Tank empty

    British team star Jessica Learmons said that after completing the first round of the mixed triathlon, she went all out.

    In an interview with BBC Sport, she said: “I lost a few positions in the end. I emptied the fuel tank and hope we can pick it up.

    “I emptied the water tank during my run, and I bet I looked like a mess.

    “I waved my arms and tried my best to walk forward.

    “I would say that I am the weakest link. If I don’t get in the way, we will be fine!”

  • dismount

    The leading backpack is not on the bike!

    We start to run…

  • Last lap

    We are now entering the final lap of the bike in the second round.

    The former group consists of Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

  • Cycling

    After a powerful swim from Jonas Schomburg, Germany leads.

    However, on the bike, the contestants work together, and the group of four settle down first to get ahead of the chasers.

  • Conversion

    Jess Learmonth and American Katie Zaferes started the match as the first of the four players on each team, beating German and Dutch players.

    But the Leeds native slowed down at home and went out in third place.

    Johnny Brownlee took over to chase his first Olympic gold medal…

  • The powerful start of GB

    Jess Learmonth led the water and formed the leading team on bicycles with the United States, Germany and the Netherlands.

    The beautiful transition to running allowed her to enter two laps of 1 km in an excellent state.

  • We walked

    Participated in the first Olympic mixed relay triathlon at Odaiba Ocean Park.

    Jess Learmonth was the first participant of the GB team among 17 teams and had a 300-meter swim in the water.

  • Hot to trot

    At 12:30 noon, the third and final dressage began in the equestrian triathlon.

    The British team’s Oliver Towne led the individual competition, and Laura Colette ranked fourth and was also among the best in the team rankings.

    The cross-country race will be held the day before the equestrian competition on Sunday to end the race.

    Credit: Agence France-Presse
  • kick off

    The third round of men’s golf started at 11.30 in the evening.

    Xander Schauffele of the United States topped the charts with a score of 11 under par, ahead of Mexico’s Carlos Ortiz.

    The British team’s Paul Casey competed with Irish duo Rory McIlroy and Sean Lowry for the medal, and they all tied for seventh with 7 under par.

    Credit: Environmental Protection Agency

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