The Canadian Rugby team fired the coach who offered the “unacceptable” position to the seven women’s team at the Tokyo Olympics

The Canadian Rugby Association announced in a statement on Friday that after “reviewing recent unacceptable social media posts that violated organizational policies,” the Canadian Rugby Association fired the head of its national development plan.

Sevens veteran Charlie Williams shared screenshots of several tweets from Jamie Cudmore’s account. Jamie Cudmore is a former Canadian men’s team player. Served as the head of national development for the Canadian rugby team, after the women’s team missed the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics.

A deleted tweet from Cudmore’s account read: “Karma is a bitch! #Survivorsmyass.” This tweet is apparently in response to a complaint about bullying and harassment made by members of the women’s team to the Canadian Rugby Association earlier this year .

Rugby Canada confirmed that this tweet came from Cudmore’s account.

“We take this matter very seriously and have concluded that immediate action must be taken,” Alan Wanson, chief executive of the Canadian Rugby Association, said in a statement. Cudmore was also relieved of his coaching duties for the men’s 15-man team.

“The core values ??of the Canadian rugby team, including integrity and respect, must be reflected in all our rugby programs, and we are determined to promote a healthy and inclusive culture now and in the future,” Canadian Rugby Council Chairman Sally Dennis said in a statement. .

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The organization previously condemned these comments.

Williams expressed from the beginning that she was proud of her team, regardless of the performance on the court. “We have achieved far more than a weekend this year,” she wrote on Instagram.

“But instead, I have to sit here again and share what we have experienced as a team. We get a consistent hatred from the people we organize ourselves,” Williams wrote. “I’m just sharing because this is a problem we have been dealing with for months.

“The bullying and harassment we receive for coming forward is sometimes outrageous and terrifying. That’s why we call for an internal investigation because we are not safe.”

An independent review in April concluded that although the behavior described in the complaint submitted by 37 current and former players reflects the athlete’s experience, it does not fall within the Canadian Football Association’s definition of harassment or bullying policy.

Head coach John Tate subsequently stepped down while insisting that he did nothing wrong.

In a statement released on April 28, the players stated that their complaint “explains the psychological abuse, harassment and/or bullying these athletes experience in a concentrated training environment.”

After the investigation, the players said they were disappointed with the harassment and bullying policies of the Canadian Football Association. This policy has since been updated and replaced.

“We are proud and united,” the captain wrote

Williams also expressed his gratitude to those who supported the team: “We heard your voice, we love you. We do not regret it for a moment, now the team’s head is high.”

Captain Gislain Landry also took to social media from Tokyo.

Landry wrote: “We have always known that this is not just rugby, there are more than one game, even the Olympics.” “We know that the past nine months may put our Olympic dreams at risk, and we will do it as a team. After discussion, the decision is still clear. We are ready to put our dreams at risk of change.

“It didn’t distract us, but it caused us losses. Therefore, although we were heartbroken for not being able to perform at our best level, we felt proud and united.”

Five years ago at the Rio Olympics, the Canadian team entered Tokyo with the expectation of medals after winning the bronze medal in the Olympic debut of the seven-a-side rugby. The team started off strongly against Brazil, but lost to Fiji and France in the next two games.

Canada still had a chance to advance to the quarterfinals as one of the two best third-place teams, but was eventually eliminated by the Chinese team and the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team.

Canada will face Kenya in the ninth place game at 8.30pm ET on Friday.

Cudmore did not immediately respond to interview requests from Canadian media. He issued a statement on Twitter on Friday, apologizing for his tweets.

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