The BBC host was forced to apologize after losing the GB BMX team medal because they were showing a boxing repetition

After they missed the silver medal victory of BMX star Kai White, the BBC was forced to apologize to the audience to show the boxing repetition.

Bethany Shriever leads double kills The medal is British team At the BMX circuit this morning.


BBC host JJ Chalmers was forced to apologize after missing Kay Whyte’s silver medalCredit: BBC
Show boxing repetition instead of East Londoner's match


Show boxing repetition instead of East Londoner’s matchCredit: Getty

The 22-year-old young man shines on the court Tokyo The final ended with a wonderful ride, and a gold medal was added to White’s silver medal just before the men’s game.

However, the family and friends of East Londoners and many other viewers were angry when they were unable to watch White’s ride live.

The situation got worse because White celebrated with Schriever after winning the game, and commentators revealed the results of his game even before repeating it.

Twitter quickly exploded, and one person wrote: “I have to say that the BBC’s report on Kay White’s medal performance is really messy.

“This is not a live broadcast. They changed to play boxing on BBC One, and then on the red button where BMX should be, they started the women’s 100m preliminaries! It’s a mess…”

As another wrote: “Well, this is Beeb’s *** report on BMX. Directly from the boxing match to win Shriever’s victory, but doing so has ruined the men’s match and they have not yet shown it.

“When White raised Schriever, we were told that we won the silver medal. We fucking don’t know!!”

After realizing the display error Caroline Dubois defeats Rashida Ellis Two hours ago, Beeb host JJ Chalmers apologized to the audience instead of White.

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At about 5 in the morning, before White’s game was finally shown-about half an hour after it happened-he said: “We have given up the game. We regret that we did not broadcast the Kye Whyte game live on BBC1.

“It’s on the red button, but it’s a bit of a time issue. There are also some delays in the schedule.

“We know he got a silver medal, but that’s how he did it.”

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Bethany Shriever and Kye Whyte celebrate their medal


Bethany Shriever and Kye Whyte celebrate their medalCredit: Reuters

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