Results of the 7th day of the Tokyo Olympics: the latest British team to Australian football, BMX gold and silver medals, and trampoline bronze medals

GREAT BRITAIN added six more medals to the 7th day of Tokyo this morning, including the BMX gold medal.

Bethany Shriever won the gold medal in the women’s competition, and Kye Whyte won the silver medal in the men’s competition, achieving an amazing double in the sport.

In the women’s gymnastics trampoline competition, Bryony Page won the bronze medal after two of her Chinese opponents.

Earlier, British swimming star Duncan Scott won the third medal of the Olympic Games in the men’s 200m freestyle final with a painful approach to the silver medal.

At the same time, the British team will face Australia in the quarter-finals of the Olympics.

The women of GB reached the semifinals of the Rugby Sevens game after beating the United States 24-12.

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  • United Kingdom 2-2 Australia

    5 minutes of replacement time!


    The balance of Australians at death!

    GB’s heartbreak!

    United Kingdom 2-2 Australia

  • United Kingdom 2-1 Australia

    Less than five minutes left for the women’s team to persist and advance to the semi-finals.

    Tensions are increasing.

  • Women’s 5 km

    In 2016, Rio long-distance runner Laura Whittle took the children to cheer for her British compatriots.

  • Women’s Sevens

    In order to make the previous news even sweeter, the British women’s rugby sevens team just confirmed their position in the championship semifinals by easily defeating the American team.

  • Hawkeye Allen

    Ellen White has been hot in this game.

    The British attacker single-handedly reversed the situation, and now she is ranked fifth in the competition.


    2 goals of GB!

    Alan White’s 2 goals!

    The game is already open!


    United Kingdom 2-1 Australia


    Clinical guidance from ELLEN WHITE!

    TEAM GB is back!

    United Kingdom 1-1 Australia

  • Women’s Rugby Sevens Semifinals

    Defending champion Australia was eliminated!

    The extraordinary story of Fiji continues, but if they beat the United States in the quarter-finals, it provides the GB team with the ultimate opportunity to take home the gold medal.

    By the way, GB is 14-0.

  • Intermission

    The British team needs an important second half, they are currently behind Australia with a goal.

    It is completely ready.

  • Woodworking again

    This time it’s Rachel Daley! Her cross rattled on the pillar, and then passed to Lauren Hamp.

    However, the goalkeeper saved the marijuana shot very well.

    When they brought the ball into the Australian penalty zone, GB looked very threatening, but it was still a close match.

    GB 0-0 Australia

  • Leave post

    GB women fight against Australian wood products. Keira Walsh got the ball at the edge of the penalty area and the defender blocked her.

    She shot a flick from the grass, making the outside of the pillar rattle!

    This is the GB 0-0 Australia team.

  • Cheer up Charlie

    The Olympic dream of British boxer Charlie Xian Davidson lost to Chinese boxer Yuan Chang by a narrow margin in the quarter-finals.

    The talented mother of three shared her gratitude to those around her on social media.

    All the hard work that Charlie has done for you, well done, the journey continues.

  • Women’s Football Quarterfinals

    Britain’s quarter-finals against Australia will start in 15 minutes. This is the starting lineup.

  • Rowing boat

    After failing to win a gold medal in this Olympics, the British rowing team is under tremendous pressure.

    GB won the silver medal in the men’s quadruple sculls for the first time since 1984 and the bronze medal in the men’s eights, but there was no winner’s medal.

    Yes, 37 years ago.

    To make matters worse, boating is a hugely invested sporting event in the UK. It is said that a large amount of money worth 27 million pounds has been invested.

    British rowing coach Jurgen Grobler has some serious questions to answer.

  • do not Cry

    The proud British Bradley Forbes-Cryans did his best in the canoe slalom finals and left them all in the water, but unfortunately it was not enough.

    The Olympian’s last canoe slalom time was 100.58, ranking 6th on the leaderboard.

    Unlucky Brad, no matter what your next adventure is, take a look.

  • Brilliant Beth

    The champion is here!

  • Not so moody

    English Ruby League player Lewis Moody woke up this morning with a smile on his face and saw Kaiwright cheer for his teammate Beth Schrivers, and then she won the gold medal in the women’s BMX competition.

  • Turn page

    I’m so nervous, I can’t even type!

    GB’s Bryony Page performed some wonderful moves in her trampoline performance, temporarily making her the number one.

    However, Chinese compatriots Zhi Xueying and Liu eliminated the British from the top spot and fell to third place.

    Despite this, Page can still stand up for that wonderful performance, because she won the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

  • Laugh at the bank

    113 years later, Britain finally won the men’s 200m backstroke medal at the Olympics thanks to Luke Greenbank, who won the bronze medal earlier this morning.


  • Forbes

    There is another potential podium candidate in the UK, because the British Bradley Forbes-Kleins took a place in the men’s canoe obstacle course finals.

    This means that GB still maintains the track of their best Olympic opening ever.

    Can the British join Mallory Franklin, who won the silver medal in the women’s canoe obstacle course finals yesterday?

  • Get well soon Connor

    Rio 2016 BMX racing Olympic champion Connor Fields suffered a serious crash in a semi-final this morning and was taken to the hospital after being seriously injured.

    This American had an incident with Frenchman Sylvain Andre and Dutchman Twan van Gendt, which put him in a difficult position before being taken care of by medical staff.

    But thankfully, the US team doctor has confirmed Fields: “He is awake and is waiting for further medical evaluation. We will share more updates as they become available.”

    For the 28-year-old player, this is a sad ending, but the good news is that he is conscious and hopes to participate in the game again in the near future.

  • Baby book

    After qualifying for the men’s 81 kg boxing semi-finals, Benjamin Whittaker expressed his emotions in a post-match interview without fear.

    I don’t want to cry anymore, I have been crying like a child. But when the victory did come, I let out a roar, then I celebrated, and then suddenly it hit me. “You know what you did, man, do you know what you did?!”

    Benjamin WhitakerBBC One

  • Olympic medal table

    So to confirm, GB currently has a total of 23 medals. Although it says that they are ranked sixth in the rankings, their actual medals are ranked fifth.

    However, there is still a long way to go to catch up with the current 41-person US leader!

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