Mom showed her simple way to make children’s toys spotless, hardly requiring any effort or wiping

As Delta pressure has led to an increase in Covid-19 cases, and children will continue to learn face-to-face again this fall, disinfecting children’s belongings has become more important than ever.

This mother found a quick and easy way to disinfect your child’s toys without scrubbing them.

Lauren Mejia has gained a lot of followers Tik Tok Thanks to the hacking video of her parents, she shared how she kept her son healthy when he shared toys with others.


Lauren Mejia shared her cleaning tips for her son’s toysImage source: Tiktok/@lauren_mejia_
She just put them in the dishwasher


She just put them in the dishwasherImage source: Tiktok/@lauren_mejia_

After putting all her son’s toys in the dishwasher, she wrote: “Easily wash and disinfect toys in the dishwasher.”

She noticed that the dishwasher should be set at a low temperature to avoid melting or destroying the toys you squandered for your child.

A few days ago, the mother of three children Allegra Dorosio Show in Instagram video How to make indoor groundwater level Let the kids play for a few hours, you only need a dishwasher to replicate it.

The title reads: “Don’t you just like a good mom hacker?”

The only thing you need to recreate her hacker is the dishwasher.

First, she keeps the dishwasher door open so that her baby can sit down and reach the door.

Then she put down a towel to prevent damage to the floor.

Allegra poured a small pot of water into the dishwasher door, and that was it.

Her baby has been entertained for many years, which means you can quickly complete some kitchen chores while supervising the baby.

Allegra admitted in her video comment that after she put a plate in the dishwasher, her child was playing with the remaining water, and she had this idea.

In the title, Allegra also provides some safety tips to ensure that children are safe when doing so: “Make sure all sharp silverware is out of the reach of the dishwasher.

“If the baby can stand up forcefully, please be vigilant to ensure that the baby will not face the plants in the water and cause drowning.”

She told her followers to clean them at low temperatures


She told her followers to clean them at low temperaturesImage source: Tiktok/@lauren_mejia_

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