Love Island 2021 LIVE-Liam chose Millie instead of Lillie, although Casa Amor is romantic, because Faye abandoned Teddy when reuniting

Liam Reardon of LOVE Island chose Millie Court instead of Lillie Haynes.

The audience of the ITV2 show last night was left at the edge of their seats, wondering who he would pick from the two.

Fans believe that the 21-year-old robust Welshman and 24-year-old fashion buyer manager will go all the way after their fiery chemistry.

However, behind Millie, the bricklayer gets along well with the amazing trainee accountant at Casa Amor.

Last night, the audience couldn’t wait to know which boys decided to come back from the second villa with their new partners-but Very disappointed with what they got.

In the most recent episode, only the friendship couple of Hugo and Chloe, and the new partner of Toby and Abigail appeared-which means there is no real surprise, nor too much drama.

Tonight Faye Winter decided to reunite with Sam Jackson, leaving Teddy Soares heartbroken and single.

Kaz Kamwi teamed up with novice Matthew MacNabb, and former partner Tyler Cruickshank brought Clarisse Juliette.

Jack Cornish came back alone to greet a very happy free pool.

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  • Faye and Teddy are talking about it by the fireplace.

    Toby said awkwardly, “Do you want me to leave?” “

  • Millie cried again…

    “Why is he not doing well enough?”

  • Despite the broken heart, Millie was happy for Hugo and Amy.

    She is currently getting the truth from Casa Amor blockbuster Amy…

  • “I don’t want to live my life with regrets”

    He thinks he has some kind of relationship with Abi and Mary.

  • Toby tells Abbey that the ball is on her court.

    Hmm… okay Toby?

  • Mary just asked the other islanders: “Oh no! Can you see what I can see?”

  • “How many lessons does one person need?!”

    Abby felt embarrassed because she went straight back to the love triangle with Toby and Mary…

  • Mary is engrossed in Toby and Abby

    The two are holding hands and are now going to chat…

    He told Abi that he liked both of them…

  • Liberty just told Jake that she was walking around in the villa, smelling it…

    Jack just told her that the smell was not even his aftershave. what!

  • Liberty and Jake playing “footsies” on the terrace

    Oh. How romantic.

  • “I have realized what I want, and that is you,” Liam told her.

    In the beach hut, Millie said, “I am embarrassed. I feel robbed. My head is gone now.”

  • ‘It’s terrible to see you upset like this

    “I want me to be formal with you,” Liam said.

    “Well, that won’t happen now,” Millie replied.

  • “She solidified my feeling for you there”

    Liam is trying to dig himself out of a big hole…

  • Millie allowed him to talk to her.

    How will this end…

  • Next!

    Abi wants answers…

  • Liam wants to try to chat with Millie…

    She flatly refused.

  • Teddy thinks that what he and Faye are together is stronger…

    “We all said they would think rationally, thinking it was just a game,” he just said to Liam and Toby.

    He just wanted to retrieve his ring from her.

  • Does Toby regret his decision?

    He just said in the beach hut: “I have a great time.”

  • Millie heartbroken

    The beauty has already started crying to Kaz, Abi and Chloe: “I know I shouldn’t believe him. This is fake.

    “He obviously thinks what we have is not good enough.”

  • The unselected islanders must now go home…


  • Liam’s excuse…

    “She was attracted to me, and I wouldn’t let myself be alone.

    “I gave her a chance to compare the two of them.”

  • ‘This is disgusting’

    She just said that they slept on a bed and kissed for a challenge.

    Millie was not happy.

  • Laura asked: “Who are you related to?”

    She replied, “Liam.”

  • Awkward

    Lily just walked into the villa.

    She said she was “shocked”.


  • Liam realized how much he liked Millie…

    But how would she react when she found out what he did in Casa Amor?

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