Love Island 2021 LIVE-Casa Amor BLOODBATH TONIGHT Lucinda attacked Liam and Lily to cheat Milly tonight

Liam Reardon’s sister says Love Island Star is facing terrible death threats

Six new singles were introduced at Casa Amor, and the Welsh guy was seduced by the 22-year-old beautiful guy—even confessing to want to kiss her.

Because of his antics, his sister had to witness the abuse of online trolls, and in a new post, she urged the audience to stay friendly and stop the terrible death threats.

She wrote on Instagram: “Hey guys, I’m sorry, it’s always been quiet here, I’ve been in London, and I’m just catching up with everything now.

“We are also frustrated with the ending of Liam and Millie and are sending a positive atmosphere to the villa.

“That being said, please remember that this is a reality show and Liam’s family and friends can see all the content posted,” she added.

“You really don’t need obscene, vulgar and death-related information. Please keep it light and remember to be friendly.”

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