Kevin Cooney: Before the deadline, Dombrovsky tried his best with the hand the Phillies gave him

One day, Dave Dombrovsky is likely to stand in the mountains of New York State one afternoon in late July and give a speech with a bronze plaque engraved with his portrait and his professional resume on it.

Two world championships. The other two pennants of the Tigers. The 1994 World Expo can be said to have won the world championship behind one of the deepest farm systems in the history of sports. Every franchise he supervised when he left was better than when he arrived.

In other words: this person has won the benefit of doubt. It is not the first time that he has served as a general manager without a track record. Almost the opposite is true-this man has shown that he has forgotten more things about baseball before 9 am that most people know in their entire lives.

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So when you see the guy crying for the 25-year-old pitcher prospect on Twitter, keep this in mind, he hasn’t watched more than 120 innings in a season in any level of sport. One day, when making a big deal at a drunk bachelor party for famous names such as the dollar bill, Dombrowski had to fill a roster full of holes with a baseball equivalent of lint in his pocket and a stick of chewing gum.

However, the guess here is that the Phillies are more likely to end the 10-year playoff drought than Thursday night. The Mets and Warriors are also better. But the Phillies-Metros are 3.5 games behind, -400 won the division at BetMGM, Via Pickswise -They are not passive before this deadline because they can easily become that way with a record of 0.500.

There is no doubt: Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy are not Max Scherzer and Craig Kimbrel. But both of these are significant upgrades in the Phillies’ rotation and bullpen in the past four months. Freddy Galvis is not Javy Baez, but he is also an undoubted defensive upgrade of the shortstop, and at this point may be a better offensive player than Didi Gregorius when he was healthy. (By the way, Gregorius’ two-year contract looks like a wrong decision by Dombrowski.)

What seemed to disturb many on Friday was that former top prospect Spencer Howard was included in a six-man trade with the Rangers in exchange for Gibson, Kennedy and rookie Hans Klaus. (The Phillies also sent the 2016 second-round draft pick Kevin Gaudi and rookie-level rookie Josh Geithner to Texas.)

So, let’s look at the reality: The Phillies traded a legitimate prospect and filled two of their three biggest starting pitchers and more recent vacancies.

Gibson was named to the American League All-Star in the Rangers this year. Yes, he has been struggling with a 6.26 SR in July. But his SR this season is 2.87-partly because of his last three starts and the first defeat of the season against Kansas City on April 1. So would you believe that 15 good starts or four bad games?

Yes, Kennedy will rent out. But he will immediately make your bullpen better and deeper. There is an experienced leader on the back end who sees almost everything. More important is the idea of ??having Kennedy and Ranger Suarez play against Archie Bradley in the 8th and 9th innings (perhaps in the 7th inning). That is a better bullpen.

Galves now provides the Phillies with two reliable infield guards, he and Ronald Torreyes. Of course, it can be imagined that in the next many days, both of them may eventually become the left side of the infield, because Gregorius and Alec Bohm are such defensive responsible persons.

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Then there is Spencer Howard, who has enough things to attract his potential, but not enough health to guarantee the almost obscene sentimentality with his departure.

As a 25-year-old professional baseball player, Howard’s career highest number of games is 112. 112! That was three years ago. (If you want to gain skills, because there are no minor league players in 2020, two.)

Yes, we live in an era of decline-but someone who hasn’t proven the ability to stay healthy and can’t seem to play is unlikely to miraculously become a rotation starting pitcher. The fact that Howard collapsed after three or four innings is in many ways an indictment of the Phillies’ development system. In fact, Howard attributed the sharp drop in speed earlier this season to first base-well, sorry, that was the player’s problem.

So why not try Howard in the bullpen? As you can imagine, he might eventually become a bullpen on the road. But you will not develop your top prospects as part of the bullpen. And you won’t stop a deal that can meet the immediate needs of the playoffs, because one person may eventually become a good arranger within three years.

In the final analysis, it boils down to: Do ??you trust Dombrowski? Would you accept someone who has an excellent record in multiple locations and believes that he knows what he is doing?

Ultimately, you should. Because in a year when he has few hands, he played very well. The real challenge is to really start to build this list according to Dombrowski’s preferences from October to December.

But again, it’s important to remember what Cooperstown might happen in 5, 6 or 10 years from now. On the surface, Dave Dombrowski did nothing to destroy the painting on Friday.

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