India reports most new COVID cases in three weeks | Coronavirus pandemic news

Worrying about another wave of infections, a worrying rise in cases has forced a state to lock down.

India has reported 44,230 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, which is the highest in three weeks. This is the latest evidence of a worrying rise in cases that has forced a state to worry about another wave of infections. Forced to blockade.

India was hit hard by the delta variant of the virus in April and May, but the spread of infection has since slowed down. It has risen again, and the number has been higher for seven of the past eight days.

According to data from the Ministry of Health on Friday, the number of people infected nationwide has reached 31.57 million. Overnight, the death toll increased by 555, bringing the total death toll to 423,217.

A Reuters survey of medical experts in late June showed that the third wave of coronavirus infections was May hit India in October, Although it will be better controlled than the devastating outbreak from April to May.

Health experts have called for speeding up vaccination to avoid another substantial increase.

The government estimates that 67.6% of the 1.35 billion population already have antibodies against the coronavirus, and of the approximately 944 million adult population, nearly 38% have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The estimated reproduction rate or R value of the disease has also increased in the past week.

The R-value reached 1 on July 24-which means that on average every 10 infected people will infect another 10-this is the first time since the daily number of infections in May approached the peak of 400,000.

Southern Kerala Announcing a new blockade On Thursday, although some states in the Northeast imposed movement restrictions, the infection rate was reported to have risen.

Other places, including the capital New Delhi, have recently reopened most of their economic activity.

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