Improve your mood with the following 5 ways to experience New Jersey destinations

Create your next getaway in the delightful state-New Jersey! Take a look at these five ways for everyone to boost your mood. Then, start planning your well-deserved vacation, long weekend or quick day trip.

1. Dive into the world-famous Jersey Shore

Welcome to pure paradise: 130 miles of Atlantic coastline and beloved seaside cuisine. White sandy beaches, beautiful barrier islands and bays, and charming towns provide an ideal environment for various activities.


Sandy Hook

The lighthouse and fortress with more than 250 years of history, always in Victorian style

Cape May
-And many in between-determine your perfect position in it

Dozens of beaches

Family treasure

. Surfers

Dragon Branch



Manas Springs


. Catch some fish

Island Beach State Park
, Or simply relax in leisure



Ocean grove

Walk the boardwalk, enjoy rides, water parks, mini golf, games and food, in these places

Seaside Heights

Point Pleasant Beach

Ocean City



2. Explore the outdoors at your own pace

Find your own way and live in harmony with nature.Pick from peace

Gardens and botanical gardens

And dozens of state parks, forests, recreation areas and historical sites

New Jersey Department of Parks and Forestry

do you know

National Park Service

Manage units throughout New Jersey?Step onto the 72-mile long

Appalachian Trail


High Point State Park


Stokes State Forest


Wawaanda State Park

(Hewitt) and

Worthington State Forest


3. See attractions for all ages

Family friendly


Including amusement parks, aquariums, arcades, zoos, etc.

In Jackson, find

Six Flags Great Adventure
. New in 2021: Jersey Devil roller coaster, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest monorail roller coaster.Splash around

Hurricane Harbor

water park.exist

Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure
, See 1,200 animals including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions!

4. Enjoy the food and nightlife in a good mood

Celebrate the many delicacies of the Garden State, including farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dining at specialty restaurants


Serving local and global cuisine.


Anthony Bourdain Food Trail
, Tracing the culinary roots of celebrity chefs, spanning ten stations

Fort Lee


. In urban hot spots, such as

Atlantic City


Jersey City



Visits and samples 200+

Breweries, breweries and breweries
, Pour eclectic, award-winning beverages.

5. Discover amazing history, art and culture

Museums, galleries and sites across the state reveal a fascinating past. In-depth understanding of New Jersey’s heart and soul travel itinerary.

Pay tribute to its pivotal role during the epidemic

American Revolution

And the legendary victory journey of our country.Honor an inspiring life

Black Heritage Trail
. Route Eight Trip

Scenic trail
The iconic route takes you to real scenic spots with scenic, natural, leisure, cultural, historical and archeological significance.

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