Gas stations in southern Alberta mix gasoline and diesel, allowing some drivers to bear high maintenance costs

Gas stations in southern Alberta mix gasoline and diesel, allowing some drivers to bear high maintenance costs


Some drivers in southern Alberta this week got a nasty surprise after filling their tanks with what they thought was gasoline but actually included diesel—and vice versa.

Gas Plus in Langdon, Alta, told CBC News on Thursday that its tank was accidentally filled with the wrong fuel for three days and anyone using the pump got a mixture of gasoline and diesel.

GP Fuels Inc. said in a statement: “We can now confirm that the mixed fuel delivered at 9 am on Saturday, July 24, 2021 will only affect normal fuel tanks and diesel fuel tanks.” The delivery company delivers the diesel tank.”

The company said it discovered the error on Tuesday.

It stated that customers who purchase gasoline receive approximately 80% of regular gasoline and 20% of diesel, while customers who purchase diesel receive approximately 60% of diesel and 40% of regular gasoline.

Filling the tank with the wrong fuel requires emptying and flushing the tank and fuel lines.Although putting diesel into a gasoline engine can cause problems, putting gasoline into a diesel engine can More damage.

Some drivers who have encountered problems due to fuel confusion are now trying to get Gas Plus to pay for their repairs.

Benjamin Forhan said that he filled his truck’s tank at the station on Saturday, and now, it doesn’t work.

He said the mistake at the gas station cost him about $8,500.

“I did nothing. The only thing I did was to do business for them,” he said.

Forhan said that since discovering the error in a Facebook post, he has been trying to contact someone at GP Fuels to explain what he should do.

“I need to know, for example, should I drive my car, and will you compensate me… or the insurance will be like,’Well, that’s not what we said.'”

The company told CBC News that every claim will be processed in the next few weeks. But Fuhan said that he doesn’t have a car yet, so he can only go to work by train. He said he was considering legal action.

“If I pass the insurance, even if I did nothing wrong, I will eventually pay more for the insurance because of it,” he said.

“They need to be more blunt and let people know when their car and anything stop working, that’s why [GP Fuels] Be responsible because I think people’s cars will start to break down to the left, right and center. “

Langdon is about 20 kilometers east of Calgary.

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