England cricket star Stokes rests cricket news for mental health

All-around player Ben Stokes, who is also recovering from a finger injury, will “rest indefinitely.”

The English Cricket Board (ECB) stated that Ben Stokes, the all-rounder of England, has suspended all cricket indefinitely, with immediate effect, to prioritize his mental health and continue to recover from an injury to his left index finger come over.

Stokes, 30, has withdrawn from the test team for England’s series against India next week and will be replaced by Craig Overton.

“The England and Wales Cricket Committee can confirm that Ben Stokes will immediately suspend all cricket matches indefinitely,” the governing body said in a statement on Friday.

“Stokes has already withdrawn from England’s test team before the test series against India that begins next week to prioritize his mental health and rest his left index finger since he returned to cricket earlier this month. Since the game, his left index finger has not fully healed,” it added.

The European Central Bank expressed its full support for his decision and will “continue to help him during this time.”

Ashley Giles, the head of England men’s cricket, said in a statement: “Ben has shown great courage to be honest about his feelings and happiness.”

“Our primary concern has been and will continue to be the mental health and welfare of all of us.

“Spending a lot of time away from family, little freedom, and extremely challenging. The cumulative effect of almost continuous operations in these environments over the past 16 months has had a major impact on everyone’s well-being.”

The European Central Bank expressed its full support for his decision and will “continue to help him during this time” [File: AFP]

Stokes missed England’s two tests against Pakistan last summer. Prior to this, he took a five-week break from a cricket match to visit his family in Christchurch and help take care of his father. His father had a long history with brain cancer. He died in December after a year of struggle.

Stokes struggled with a finger injury all summer, fractured while playing for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League in April, and missed England’s home test series against New Zealand in June.

Earlier this month, after the COVID-19 outbreak in Durham’s second team led to a usability crisis, he returned to the game early in an explosion of vitality.

In a similar situation, Stokes then led a second-tier England team to a 3-0 victory over Pakistan.

Stokes recently played for the Northern Supercharger in the “Hundreds.” The pentathlon test series between England and India will begin on August 4th at Trent Bridge.

His decision was made a few days later by American superstar gymnast Simone Byers Exited two events She also protected her mental health in the Tokyo Olympics.

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