Eagles training camp notes, day 3: some quarterback observations

The third day of the Philadelphia Eagles training camp has been recorded. It was a quick practice because the boys only spent about 1 hour and 10 minutes on the court. Nevertheless, there are still some observations to be made, so let’s get started.

Josh Khan This camp has a good start, because he has been destructive. In the outside throwing game, Sweet got up so quickly that he might catch the throwing ball and take it to the house. Jaylen is injured Forced to catch the ball and eat the loss.

Andre Dillard Today is much better than yesterday, but today is still not so encouraging for him. Derek Barnett Put your hand on Dillard’s face and put the helmet on his forehead. It was an obvious facial free throw, but Dillard left the field by himself, wandered on the sidelines without receiving any medical care, and then returned to the field. I think that ideally, you would like to see a player who wants to continue playing and make the defenders pay the price, but this did not happen.

• The injury has its ups and downs.There are some good pitches, especially the red zone TD pass to Dallas God Near the rear corner of the end zone.He also made a good back shoulder shot (well, not really back Shoulder Must be thrown because it is very low), to Miles Sanders, Who publicly opposed David Taylor, But Sanders gave up.

There are also some missed pitches.He passed Godt in the other red zone, and he flew by the other way Greg Ward, Who has already opened. Harold Carmichael Will not fall because of throwing to Ward.

• Back to Sanders for the time being. We didn’t mention this in yesterday’s notes, but Sanders caught a few passes twice. As mentioned above, he gave up what might be a TD today.Sanders Led the team down last year, He understands that he needs improvement in this area, but so far he has not received the ball cleanly.

• We have not found a backup quarterback, but after the first three practice sessions, I will give an advantage Nick Mullens Exceed Joe Flacco. Mullens threw a beautiful ball on the seams of UDFA rookie TE Jack Stoll For TD.Stoll beat TJ Edwards In the play.

Flacco usually made a good decision, but he made a bad decision today, forcing a pass into the end zone with heavy traffic that should have been caused by Zeke McPherson, But was discarded. He also surpassed 6’7 TE Terry Jackson Behind the end zone.

Flacco is a popular candidate to win the No. 2 quarterback position because he has a one-year fully guaranteed contract worth $3.5 million, while Mullens’ income is less than $1 million, only $200,000. ensure. Mullens will have to defeat Flacco in the end, but I don’t think this is enough to start predicting the upset.

So far, all three quarterbacks are “Dink and Dunk City.”

• I like what I see Kryon Johnson So far. My understanding is that there is a problem with his knee, but I haven’t seen it in the first three days. He looked agile, and for the second day in a row, his performance was impressive.

Josiah Scott He is short in stature (5’9, 185), but he has a strong body. Jason Huntley He was late and swung his head back and forth to pass the ball, he might have a chance to catch the ball anyway, but Scott was there to make sure he didn’t, and violently attacked Huntley’s hand when the ball arrived.

• A group of older veterinarians have “maintenance days.”they are Fletcher Cox, Zach Ertz, Brandon Graham, Ryan Johnson, Jason Kelsey, Ryan Kerrigan, Rodney McLeod, and Darius slaughter.

Michael Yakai As he did during OTA, he was represented by the first team when Slay was out.

• If you missed this in the Colts training camp:

If you are a pessimist, you will lament that Wentz is prone to injury and therefore may not be able to reach the 70/75% benchmark required by the Hawks to move from the Indians’ second-round pick to the first-round pick. If you are an optimist, you would say, “This further cements the Hawks’ decision, at least to get something for him when they can.”

At the same time, the odds setters still give him a chance to win the 2021 MVP award.At Pickwise, he currently has 12th best odds Winning the award, although this injury may change this, but the more important aspect locally is what this means for the Hawks’ draft capital.

• Saturday’s practice will be held at a strange time at 5:30 pm, so our notes will not be completed very late.

• Please stay tuned to the practice summary podcast, it will appear here when recording and publishing. Or catch up with some previous reviews:

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