Boat suicide-The 14-year-old boy who jumped from a New York landmark and died laughing with his sister before jumping off the building, the guard said

Not long ago, someone saw a 14-year-old boy jumping off a boat in New York laughing and running with his sister before he died.

“There are many tourists around,” said a security guard at a tourist attraction in Manhattan. “This kid is running up the stairs with his sister, having a lot of fun, having a lot of fun.”


A few seconds ago, someone saw the boy who jumped off the boat in New York laughing with his sister

Security told reporters New York Post He and some colleagues looked happy when they saw the two teenage children running around, just before the poor 14-year-old boy was seen jumping off this rather new attraction and dying.

“A colleague of mine told them,’I know it’s fun, but you can’t run on the boat,’ and’stay with your parents’,” the security said.

“Somehow, when he reached the eighth level, he jumped up,” the guard added.

The guard described the terrible scene that followed as the teenager’s family, from an upscale area in New Jersey.

“I met his parents afterwards,” he added. “The lady was panicked. She was screaming and crying. Father was speechless. Sister was crying.”

“I heard the crash. I saw him wearing a colorful shirt. My heart was about to fall,” the guard said.

Authorities believe that the boy had depression and suicidal thoughts in the past.

According to family and friends, the boy’s funeral is tomorrow.

“He is a very cute kid, very smart,” a family friend. “We are dealing with it. These things are never easy.”

The boy’s death is the fourth suicide in this 16-story landmark building It was created two years ago.

Given the death toll, it may now be permanently closed.

“They tried to add more security measures, but it didn’t help,” said the guard who took some precautions.

Back in January, Gothamist reported that after a 19-year-old teenager from New Jersey committed suicide for the third time, the community committee 4 Sent a letter Developer-related companies of Hudson Yards.

It pointed out: “The installation of adequate physical barriers at high places can prevent or drastically reduce suicides, especially impulsive suicides.

“As pointed out at the MCB4 full board meeting on March 4, it took a long time for New York University to take action to prevent suicide from the balcony of the Bobst Library.”

The current employee said that the ship tried to hire more guards, but that did not prevent another death.


The current employee said that the ship tried to hire more guards, but that did not prevent another death.Image Source: Associated Press: Associated Press

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