When Love Island’s handsome guy and Mary returned from Casa Amor, Chloe lashed out at the ex-Toby in the roar of the former Toby.

Chloe of Love Island launched a long talk about her former Toby Aromatic After he returned from Casa Amor with a new girl.

Tonight’s Love Island ended in dramatic suspense, right in the middle of the remarriage ceremony, but before Toby left Abigail Rollins.

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Mary and Toby return as a couple from Casa Amor on Love Island tonight

The cruel remarriage ceremony made Abi decide to stay with Toby, even though she put his Casa Amor antics in the postcard sent to the main villa.

Abigail himself is relatively new to the villa and stole Toby from Chloe in a shocking scene last week, but was stunned by his performance at Casa Amor.

Despite seeing the photos of him kissing passionately, the tattooed babe insisted that she trusted the semi-professional football player in the beach hut.

She brought this trust to reunion, where she doubled down on staying with Toby.

Love Island host Laura Whitmore warned her that if Toby and the new girl from Casa Amor walk in, Abi will be single and risk going home.

Laura said to all the girls in the villa: “The girls you know will reunite tonight. Each of you has a big decision.

The host added: “The boys at Casa Amor also have options.

“Whether it’s with you or with a new girl.

“Remember that Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test. Do you believe your boy has always been loyal to you? Or do you think he will get lost?”

When Abi announced that she wanted to be with Toby, the nervous Hugo and Amy, who had just returned from Casa Amor, sat in silence because they knew she was about to get some bad news.

Then Toby re-entered the main villa with Mary Bedford and heard the shocked gasps of the girls in the main villa.

When Toby tried to apologize to Abby, he remained stoic and used the old love island phrase, “That’s it.”

But Toby’s predecessor Chloe knew nothing about it and shook his head frantically at him.

“What a fucking idiot,” she declared.

Love Island fans also agreed.

A Twitter user wrote: “Love Chloe… She was messed up by Toby and Abby, but still feels guilty and supports Abby.”

Another added: “I look forward to Chloe and Toby’s next interaction hahaha, when she sees him and your people coming in, the venom on her face.”

The third person said, “Guys, I’m starting to like Chloe.”

This means that Abi is now single and is at risk of going home


This means that Abi is now single and is at risk of going home
Chloe says what everyone thinks


Chloe says what everyone thinks

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