The 76ers choose Tennessee guard Jaden Springer in 28th place

The 76ers selected Jaden Springer with the 28th overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft and chose to choose a strong defender and have the advantage at the end of the first round.

For most of the season, Springer was considered a legitimate lottery candidate for good reason. He is one of the youngest players in the class-Springer did not turn 19 years old until late September-the five-star recruit has shown great potential in his lonely season with volunteers. According to team sources, the 76ers are expected to retain Springer instead of letting him waver in trade negotiations, and the team is pleased with the way the board broke them for the second year in a row.

His business card is likely to be his defense. His lateral speed and tenacity are a good starting point. His task is to defend offensive points at the next level. Springer will disturb many people in the pick-and-rolls that now dominate the league. They stand next to the defender and slide and slide between the screens to prevent opponents from getting where they want to go. His hands are active and his hips are strong. Although Springer is not the largest or longest guy in the world with a 6’4″ (6’8″) arm span, he is big enough to switch between players in the backcourt.

There are indeed some positive factors on the other side of the ball, most of which are related to his scoring potential. He is already very good at using his body to initiate contact and ending between trees, and Springer has demonstrated the ability to use the pressure generated by him as a terminator as an insider. Springer is also a selfless player, he will set the pace of possession, rather than let the defender speed up his speed or make him off track. I have no doubt that he will pass some inside passes to Joel Embiid.

There are questions about his ability to create separation at the next level, and shooting will be an important swing technique. Springer’s three-pointers and free throw statistics show that over time, he can become an effective floor spacer, but Springer is a low shooter, and he has a lot to offer as a dribble threat Work to be done. As an emergency stop shooter, he is not a high-volume or efficient person-Springer ranked bottom among all shooters who attempted at least 50 emergency stop jumpers last season, where he is more of a one The idea is not a threat at this moment.

The 76ers don’t need a hesitating shooter around Embiid, and Springer’s ability to enter the Cup as a professional player will be directly related to the team being forced to pay his attention outside. Even so, his depth in the first round is still a very valuable option, a player you can insert a bunch of different lineup styles and achieve success.

Springer’s selection by the 76ers brought a complete cycle of some family history—his father Gary was the organization’s sixth-round rookie in 1984, but due to injury (or at least that was dusty in the newspaper) The stories told in the articles, these articles record the profound prospects of the time). Either way, this is a very cool story, Springer’s eldest son has the opportunity to realize his dream at this level.

Ultimately, Springer’s story at this level will depend on the work he puts in and Philadelphia’s ability to lead him forward and improve his craft. If you take his competitive advantage on the defensive end as an indicator of his concern for the game, Springer seems to be a good man worth betting on progress. As the team hyped up their low-minute group last year, he will also join a group of young people who will succeed by putting pressure on their peers to make each other better. Frankly speaking, if he can become a reliable shooter, his defense is enough to make him a reliable role player. If he can add one or two skills to the game, he has more. Space.


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