Pittsburgh’s Sheetz store prank shows that their shoppers are as crazy as Wawa’s loyalists

As we all know, people in the Philadelphia area and more and more people in other parts of the Wawa territory are very enthusiastic about their love for this sacred convenience store. The brand has recently received a huge boost from Kate Winslet, “East City Mare” and “Saturday Night Live”, and Wawa’s collaboration with 2SP Brewing Co. has also greatly helped to make convenience stores in the minds of customers. s brand.

In recent years, there have been many reports about the competition between Wawa and Sheetz, the latter’s biggest supporter Probably Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, PennsylvaniaIn some ways, this is a classic game between Eastern Pennsylvania and Central and Western Pennsylvania. Football is not enough. We need to argue about who has a better convenience store.

All this is very interesting, but if Wawa supporters think they are a more stubborn group, then a story in Pittsburgh might question this.

University of Pittsburgh student daily “Pitt News”, Report On Thursday, some despicable pranksters hung up a fake “coming soon” sign on a campus near Sheetz in the Auckland area of ??the city.

For a few days, the Pitt students and residents of Oakland had reason to believe that there was a Sheetz at 3500 Forbes Avenue, as evidenced by the discussion on Twitter.

Yes, about that…

Via Pete News:

Harry Hammel, director of public relations and social media at Planit, Sheetz’s media relations agency, said that Sheetz has nothing to do with the logo posted and has no plans to develop it on the site.

“I can confirm that Sheetz is not planning to open a store at this address,” Hammel said. “These signs…inaccurate.”

In March, the Urban Planning Committee approved a plan to build approximately 300 market-priced apartments on the original gas station site.

People are excited about the new Sheetz and don’t understand the information well.

Even now there seems to be a Fake Oakland Sheetz Twitter account to help people cope.

The people responsible for this prank have not yet revealed themselves, but they will definitely be immersed in a well-executed plan.

Perhaps Wawa fans take it for granted that they naturally become better supporters of the convenience store of their choice. There was some real heartbreak at the University of Pittsburgh this week.

The day someone pulls something like this in the Wawa Desert (Temple area, for example), Fairmount, or Northern Liberties in Philadelphia will be dark.

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