NBA Draft Live Update: Who will the 76ers choose? Will they trade their first-round picks?

Entering the 2021 NBA Draft, the 76ers have three draft picks, one of which They just got Thursday morning–but The latest Intel Show that they may not make all these choices, because Darryl Morey is clearly in a win-win mode. Morey not only hopes to maximize Joel Embiid’s transfer window, but also hopes to find a potential trading partner for Ben Simmons, who may be traded on draft night.

In a sense, this storyline is bigger than anyone picked by the 76ers with the 28th overall pick, assuming they choose anyone — and it’s clearly better than they were 50th or 53rd overall in the second round. The selected person has to do a great deal. But it also has something to do with Simmons, because the 76ers can include these picks in the deal to send Simmons elsewhere, or as part of a package plan to acquire veterans they may need after the Simmons deal is completed. Of course, this assumes that they are fully committed to pushing him, and the latest report sounds so, even if they don’t feel they need to rush to finish tonight).

So, what will Morey, Elton Brand and the 76ers do on draft night?We have provided a look Their biggest needs, The latest batch of Ridiculed to philadelphiaAnd even watched recently Everything we know Within a few hours before the draft.

Now, the only thing left to do is to sit down and see how it all goes. You can follow here on our NBA Draft Live Tracker, which will start at 8pm on ABC and ESPN (we will cover any major developments for the 76ers in this article).

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