Love Island 2021 LIVE-Millie is heartbroken, the unfaithful Liam returns from Casa Amor to reunite

Fans of LOVE Island may want to cheer up, because the most dramatic recombination of the series has officially appeared on our screens.

The girls are waiting to know if their partner is heartbroken Loyal when Casa Amor leaves.

host Laura Whitmore She even returned to the villa for this occasion-it was her first trip to Mallorca since the launch night last month.

In the First Look trailer, she warned the ladies: “Remember, Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test.”

The audience was mostly worried that Millie was reuniting. After the show postcard only showed that he was sharing a bed with another girl, the blonde was mistakenly led to believe that her partner Liam was always loyal.

Fans Angry that they didn’t include photos He scoops new girl Lily, kisses his lewd three, or receives a lapdance.

They were also angry because they put a photo of Teddy kissing another girl as part of the boldness, when he had been basically loyal to Faye at the time and had been sleeping outside to avoid getting too close to the blockbuster.

In addition to his mistakes, Liam kissed the beautiful Lily outside of the challenge before the return of Casa Amor tonight-it seemed that their destiny was doomed.

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  • Rap though

    “Mary, Mary, on the contrary…” Have you seen Toby and those people?

    Come on guys, this is a cover version.

    Where is your original?

  • King of Comeback

    Can Liam come back from here?

    The fans were torn apart. Millie or Lily? You decide.

  • Kazmat

    Taylor is too old news.

    Did you see Katz dealing with Matthew, Matthew, and Matthew under the sheets?

    The fans did the same, they loved it!

  • Kazmat

    Taylor is too old news.

    Did you see Katz dealing with Matthew, Matthew, and Matthew under the sheets?

    The fans did the same, they loved it!

  • Is it interesting?

    Did you see Faye smiling and sleeping with Sam all the way?

    Forget Ted’s speech. She cheered up again.

    love it!

  • PIED

    Have you seen Casa Amor, a big man Dell, as embarrassed as Chloe, because he wants to work with Faye?

  • Kloino

    Wait, is Chloe going to be blown to death?

    Well, it should not be the first time.


  • Happy hour at FAYE

    Have you seen the confident Faye come back to show off her stuff?

    Check her flirting.

    “I will see you in bed.”

    Now this is a chat line and a half

  • Milimo

    Have you seen her getting angry with girls because of this fool?

  • I’m sorry, but…

    This is a new level for Jack.

    Fans were angry on Twitter.

    One wrote: “Jack is the end of the devil, the little mouse is wrong.”

    He has!

  • Liam Cheats

    Did you see Jack laugh when Liam kissed Lily?

    He can smell 50,000 pounds, right?

  • Toby twice

    Toby couldn’t resist Mary’s eyes penetrating his soul…

    So he went to kill.

    No shame

  • little boy

    Talking about Hugo like a little boy.

    Did you see him kissing and then wiping his mouth?

    She is not your grandma’s lover, insist…

  • Is Hu the newcomer?

    Well, can someone tell us where the old Hugo is?

    Who is this milkshake chatting with Amy?

    It looks like his lads’ holiday is finally over

  • Oh Matthew, Matthew, Matthew

    Do you see how he made Queen Kaz giggle again after their kiss?

    Now they are going to be bed partners.



    Now look away from Millie.

    Tonight’s Lillie of Lusty Liam SNOGS Casa Amor.

    The 22-year-old trainee accountant finally shut up with Liam when she tried to win her place in the main villa.

    The duel with Millie, who has always been loyal to the villa, will be crazy.

  • Um, it’s fast

    Well, we didn’t expect them to rush into the aisle or anything.

    Lucinda and Aaron are over—just a few days after leaving the villa.

    Fans can’t believe it.

  • Landing day

    All of this will kick off in Love Island tonight, because there will be re-coupling.

    Hugo received a text message in Casa Amor that read: “Boys. There will be a reunion tonight. You have to decide whether you want to stay with the partner who returned to the villa or reunite with one of the new girls. #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount “

    The girls received the same text messages in the main villa, but with the label “stickortwist”.

    Later that night, when the islanders gathered in the fire pit, Whitmore appeared.

  • Stick or twist

    Tonight, the boys of Casa Amor will usher in real life.

    Toby, Liam Taylor will decide whether to stick or twist after sharing the bed with the new bombshell girl.

    Laura Whitmore confirmed that she had arrived in Mallorca on Instagram, and has now revealed that tonight will be a brutal reunion-leaving the islanders Abigail, Millie and Katz at risk of becoming single.

  • Blood bath

    Now all the lads are having fun at Casa Amor, and tonight, their lives will change forever.

    Well, their love life will be.

    There will be a re-coupling.

  • One hour to Krasson, Love Island

    Get ready for the biggest show on TV, Love Island will be epic tonight.

    There will be a re-coupling!


  • Such freedom

    Now Love Island fans are calling for Jack to be kicked out of the villa because he encourages the boys to cheat at Casa Amor.

    One person T: “Freedom is great, but if she stays with Jack, I will do my best to ensure that they will not win, because of how Jack’s performance in casa amor, how can he force everyone to be disloyal sskksksks “

    The second said: “Jack got 50,000 pounds and let Liam chat with Lily”

    A third person added: “If Jack is my boyfriend and encourages other men, such as Liam, to go with other girls, then to be honest, I would question this.”

  • ‘Jack Snake’

    When the boys didn’t get up well, Jack kept sitting behind watching his popcorn.

    Well, when we said to sit down, it was more like he was stirring the pot all the time.

    He told the boys to go with the girls, which angered the fans-even though they were lovers.

    “You boys are all single men,” Jack said on the first night of Casa Amor.

    “None of you have labels.”

  • Good guy

    The bad behavior of the boys in Casa Amor was not welcomed by the audience. Someone ranted: “If Liam betrayed Millie…”

    Another added: “Pray for Millie and Liam to remain loyal.”

    Others said: “Kaz said she just found a man…yes, it’s time to find another one. Focus on the prize.”

    Despite being with Kaz, Taylor also kissed Kyla and Amy-saying: “I am a gamer, so I won’t avoid it.”

  • A vibrant island

    Love Island fans were very angry this week because Liam, Taylor, Toby and Teddy cheated Millie, Katz, Abigail, and Faye within a few hours of entering Casa Amor.

    In a truth or dare game, when they met each other, they closed their mouths with the new girl-Liam even danced a lap dance from Lily behind Millie and kissed Keira and Ai Meter.

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