Highlights, scouting reports, etc. about the 76ers first-round draft pick Jaden Springer

If you read about Jaden Springer about the 76ers draft here, I can only assume you didn’t find My initial thoughts on Springer Trustworthy enough. How angry! But if you are more willing to get help from people who make a living as a scout than a writer like me who struggles in 82 games of the NBA regular season, that’s pretty fair.

Tennessee’s products have many fans in the draft industry, and even though Springer entered college as a potential lottery candidate, over time many people were indifferent to his attitude as a lottery player.Sam Viseni Sports meeting It’s someone we often quote throughout the mock draft, and he broke Springer’s argument like this:

Springer takes an extremely difficult game to the next level. He really has to add some different crafts and counters, and change the way he does things. He may not be a major organizer, playing so many balls two feet away at the next level… He has to learn some difficult lessons at the college level about how it affects his efficiency. But there are also many talents here. He was selected when he was 18 years old, very young. I don’t doubt that he figured out how to adjust his game style to achieve success.

After all, what matters is whether he can shoot. If he can handle the jumper, he is a great 3D two-back guard who can sometimes flank the opponent, use his excellent ball handling ability to take on difficult perimeter defensive tasks, and is expected to provide value on the offensive end. This road is really not that far, even if the benefits are in the realm of an effective role player rather than a star. I just don’t know if I am willing to be someone who pays a high price pick to see if he can get there. More seems to be correct in the medium term. [The Athletic]

This is not the clear fit many 76ers fans have been hoping for here, especially since players like Jared Butler are still on the board. Philadelphia, a team ostensibly trying to compete for the championship in the near future, does not necessarily have a large number of development representatives to distribute to teenagers.

However, most teenagers do not have the defensive instinct and intensity that Springer brings. Although the 76ers are waiting to see if Springer’s low-volume, high-efficiency shots in Tennessee can be converted (most scouts are skeptical of his skills), they will be able to rely on him as an offensive point. Defender, and add some toughness to the second unit.

On draft blog Stephen, Earlier this year, CJ Marchesani detailed Springer’s game, pointing out Springer’s defensive abilities when he was young (and comparing it to annoying Boston opponents):

Jaden Springer’s business card as a defensive prospect is his offensive and defensive points. Freshman hounds control the ball, combine lateral agility, agile hands and a strong frame to create events and stonewall drivers. Springer also has a strong lower body, which allows him to maintain his form in the event of a potential mismatch in the low post. This combination of agility and strength allows Springer to slide into a defensive matchup, which is usually the penalty area for a 6-foot-4 guard. In the SEC semifinal game against Alabama, Springer spent time defending the 6’1″ sprinter Jahvon Quinerly and the stronger 6’8″ Herb Jones.

In his freshman year at the University of Tennessee, Springer had a steal rate of 2.7% and a block rate of 2.0%, which is impressive for a 6-foot-4 guard with the best average wingspan. . From a perspective, the only other freshman with a height of 6 feet 4 inches or less and a steal and block percentage exceeding 2.0% is DJ Stewart of Duke University. His STL% and BLK% are 2.0% and 2.1% respectively. Offensive ability and low post strength have led to some Marcus Smart comparisons, but Springer has a shorter wingspan and lacks the same anomalous motivation as the Celtics’ all-around defenders. [The Stepien]

The wingspan difference is a clear separation point between Springer and a defensive player like Smart, and Smart’s motor Yes Clearing the high standards of defense, everything about Springer’s tennessee year shows that he will put it on defense. He rarely takes possessions, his psychological reading shows a person’s care, he will carefully study the tape and predict where his man will go, if he is defeated in the initial action, his pursuit is not over. Every part of Springer’s defense is natural, working together like a basketball band, with arms, legs and hips moving together to get a stop.

But we all know why you are here. Therefore, please watch a YouTube video that has been several months old, which has been updated to “Welcome to Philadelphia” and got the first look of many of you in the latest draft of the 76ers.

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