Eagles training camp record, day 2: Jordan Mailata leads Andre Dillard early

On Wednesday, the second day of the Philadelphia Eagles training camp was cool and cloudy at the NovaCare complex. The lads are still wearing shells and shorts, but for the first time we updated the best battle in the training camp, at the left tackle. As always, our practice states:

• On the first day of the camp, Andre Dillard Won the first opportunity to participate in the first team offense.On day 2, it is Jordan Myrata. Dillard had a difficult day.

In one to one, Josh Khan Taking advantage of Dillard, all Dillard can do is slow him down and put his arms around Sweet’s neck. Clear to keep the call for the day.Later in a one-on-one match, he played against the outside Derek Barnett, Who cut in and defeated Dillard badly. In the 11 vs. 11 game, Barnett was on the verge of winning, but Dillard basically solved him. Again, a clear hold call.

At the same time, Mailata is a brick wall for most of the day. Barnett once tried to run into him, but Myrata and his long lever stopped him. In last year’s season, Mailata also used his long arms to play an outstanding advantage, as shown below:

When I entered training camp, I thought Mailata would win LT’s job because, well, he was a better football player. It’s still early, they haven’t even put on the cushions (so, salt grains and the like), but Dillard didn’t have an encouraging start, and Myrata was.

• I was camping one-on-one with the OL, this is what I saw:

The sweat looks good. In addition to making a clear hold call to Dillard, he also smoked Brett Toss. Sweat had 6 sacks last year, they are not “cheap” varieties. Here are some impressive sprints.

The rookie sixth-round pick left a deep impression on me Tarron Jackson Early. When I watched his college game, I saw a noisy player with good fighting skills, but lacked the ideal length and athleticism.I didn’t see him bend the corner like he did during the match today Kathy Tucker. He was able to dive in a low position and beat Tucker to the outside. He will advance on my radar.

Sua Opeta Had a nice day.He achieved a decisive victory Milton Williams and Hassan Ridgeway. A generation Check out all the snapshots of Opeta last season, And was pleasantly surprised by his performance. This is a very crowded OL team, but he has the opportunity to enter the team.

Several people lined up as off-ball linebackers in team training, but participated in 1-on-1 pass sprint training Janal Avery And rookie seventh-round picks Patrick JohnsonJonathan Gannon (Jonathan Gannon) talked in detail about his desire for his defensive players to play multiple positions. This is not a new trend in the NFL, but Gannon seems to want to take it to a new level. We will introduce this in more depth soon.

• OL-DL 1 to 1 training is usually carried out when technicians perform 7 to 7 training.When watching 1:1, I heard the cheers of the crowd and looked at it in time Devon Tower Smith Stride forward Jaylen is injured. That was the most popular game for spectators that day.Smith defeated Steven Nelson and K’From Wallace For the big show.

• After a turbulent day yesterday, today’s pain started to slow down, but as time passed, the situation improved.He made some beautiful shots today, including Smith mentioned above, and another big winner John Hightower.

• A pair of running backs competing for a roster position are on the court today. Kryon Johnson There is a nice run, including some cuts. People were worried about the health of his knees, but that run looked good.Later Jason Huntley With a long run (by keeping the callback), you can really see his speed. I like Huntley’s chance to stick to the team as a fast guard/kickback player.

• On day 1, people like David Taylor, Wallace, Dillard and Sweet took the lead in the first team score. On day 2, we have already mentioned that Mailata has gained the initial representation in LT, and, Marcus Epps Today defeated Wallace in the safety arena for the first time, and Barnett won the first sweat in RDE. Interestingly, Taylor continued to win first-team representatives in LB for the second day in a row.

• The Eagles defenders do prioritize punching in football, trying to force a turnover. Evant Maddox Got Zach Ertz, And an unidentified defensive back got Hakim Butler.

• The 53-man roster: The reporting team watching the ball looks like this:


From left to right are Marcus Epps, Kevon Seymour, Genard Avery, TJ Edwards, K’Von Wallace, Jake Elliott, Grayland Arnold, Jordan Howard, Davion Taylor, Craig James and Avonte Maddox.

LB is absent from this group Sean Bradley, Who played the second most special team in last year’s team. By the way, shouldn’t the “snapshot” of the special team be called something else, because the snapshot didn’t actually happen at the kickoff? Well, whatever.

• RG Brandon Brooks Leave the practice early. He walked to the trainer’s table and walked in on his own strength. The Eagles classify it as a “preventive assessment” of his hamstring.

• Office building Jaylen Regg Because of “lower body tightness”, he was restricted for the second day in a row. This is a big camp for Reago, but he has not yet participated in any competitive representatives.

• Please stay tuned to the exercise summary podcast, it will appear here when recording and publishing:

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