Covid UK News-Vaccines “prevent 60,000 deaths” because Dominic Raab says passports there “coax young people to take jabs”

Isolation and relaxation ended the “sad and terrible” period of separated families

A young mother said that Britain’s relaxation of quarantine regulations would bring a “sorrow” and “horrible” end to those whose families live overseas.

Lecturer Dr. Alix Dietzel from Bristol has close family members in Austria, where she grew up, as well as in Switzerland, France and the United States-it is almost impossible to see them during the pandemic.

The new regulations introduced on Monday mean that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid will not need to be quarantined when arriving in the UK from the United States, the European Union and some other countries, including Switzerland, making travel easier.

Dr. Diesel, 33, told PA: “I breathed a sigh of relief-it’s been a long time and I’m not sure when we will meet again.

“Although we are used to being separated, we usually meet several times a year.

“So being unable to travel is a sad thing, sometimes even frightening, especially in an unpredictable pandemic.”

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