Connor Fields BMX’s latest crash, Dina Asher-Smith is in progress, Duncan Scott’s third medal

The Tokyo Olympics has entered its 7th day, and everyone’s eyes are on the BMX track, while the United Kingdom is a melee of two gold medals.

Earlier tonight, British swimming star Duncan Scott won the third Olympic medal in the men’s 200m freestyle final with a painful approach to silver.

When the GB team made the medal list, Luke Greenbank won another bronze medal.

Although British rowers won the bronze medal in the men’s quarterfinals, this is the first time since 1908 that Britain has not won a gold medal.

On the track, Dina Asher-Smith started her 100m mission in the first round of preliminaries tonight.

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  • A few milliseconds apart

    Niek Kimman finished first with a lap time of 39.053, and Kye Whyte finished second with a score of 39.167.

    The teenager is so close, but when he returns to Peckham, south London, he can definitely hold his head high and win the silver medal in his first Olympics.

  • Men’s Bicycle BMX Finals

    This is the silver award of Kai White!

    For the teenager who avoided the carnage on the track, what a wonderful game, and Nick Kingman of the Netherlands did not win the gold medal.

  • the final Countdown

    When we were preparing for the Pistons, Kye Whyte had already stepped on the pedal and turned his attention to the men’s bicycle BMX final.

    it has started!

  • Great Britain

    With Kye Whyte and Beth Shriever entering the men’s and women’s cycling BMX finals, this provides a great opportunity for GB riders to add more medals to the current 21 medals.

  • Women’s 100M Heat 1

    Asher-Smith definitely cruises in that kind of high temperature.

    The British sprinter ranked second with a score of 11.07 and did not really over-exert himself.

    This may not be the message I think she would want to send, but I believe there is still a lot in the water tank.

  • Women’s 100M Heat

    It’s Dina time!

    Dina Asher-Smith represented GB in the first preliminaries of the women’s 100m preliminaries. I believe this former bronze medalist hopes to send a message to other competitors.

  • Women’s 100M Heat

    It’s Dina time!

    Dina Asher-Smith represented GB in the first preliminaries of the women’s 100m preliminaries. I believe this former bronze medalist hopes to send a message to other competitors.

  • Women’s 100M Heat

    The moment we have been waiting for this morning.

  • Women’s 100M Heat

    The moment we have been waiting for this morning.

  • Men’s Cycling BMX Semifinals

    Wow, KYE WHYTE is eligible for the finals. What a wonderful match!

    His beautiful technique and extraordinary strength made him lead from the beginning, and the teenager managed to maintain the lead with the fastest lap time until the end.

    This means that White will have the first choice to enter the final.

  • Men’s Cycling BMX Semifinals

    The riders are dressing up and the party is about to begin!

    White decided to move to Gate 7, which seemed to be a tactical move.

  • Men’s Cycling BMX Semifinals

    People with a little delay.

    Connor Fields, the defending Olympic champion from the United States, is receiving some medical care, and they gather together.

    However, this does not seem to affect the 17-year-old Kai White, who looks as cool as a cucumber.

  • Men’s Cycling BMX Semifinals

    Kye Whyte represents GB. He is currently ranked 4th many times and has a third choice at the gate, but he looked relaxed at the start of the game.

    Can the driver overcome this last obstacle and let himself participate in the podium at the Olympics?

  • Duncan Scott’s British record

    The silver medalist touched the ball in 1 minute and 55.28 seconds, only 0.28 seconds behind the 200-meter medley final champion Wang Shun.

  • Men’s 200M Medley Final

    This is Duncan Scott’s silver medal!

    Wang Shun of China won it.

    Scott won the third medal of this Games.

  • Swimming Men’s 200M Medley Final

    Good place for Duncan Scott halfway here!

    Open this up.

  • Men’s 200m Medley Final

    So far, one gold and one silver… Can Duncan Scott get three medals in Tokyo?

    it has started!

  • Women’s 100m Freestyle

    Anna Hopkins of GB finished seventh.

    The action did not stop at the Aquatic Center-Duncan Scott was next.

  • British Bronze Award

    Luke Greenbank (Luke Greenbank) swimming competition, he ranked third!

    Painfully approached Silver.

    The 20th medal of the GB team.

  • Swimming men’s 200m backstroke

    Greenbank is here!

    The 23-year-old is catching up with Evgeny Rylov, the leader of the Republic of China.

    Enter the final straight…

  • Swimming men’s 200m backstroke

    Luke Greenbank of the United Kingdom participated.

    The pool night has begun!

  • Boating problem

    The miserable week for British rowers ended in a more disappointing way-this is the first Olympic Games since 1980 that has not won a gold medal.

    After Vicky Thornley became the sixth GB ship to succumb to the “fourth place curse”, the eight defending champion men could only lag behind New Zealand and Germany in third place.

    Despite winning the second medal of the regatta, it was a terrible ending for a miserable week, and the crew’s reaction told their story.

    The nightmare of the Ocean Forest Waterway could have a huge long-term financial impact on one of the UK’s most well-funded sports.

  • Men’s Rowing Eight Finals

    Britain won the bronze medal!

    New Zealand and Germany finished second.

    GB is on the podium.

  • Men’s Rowing Eight Finals

    New Zealand is now in a leading position in the black ship!

    Germany has regressed.

    Team GB is still here…

  • Men’s Rowing Eight Finals

    Germany leads after the first 500 meters.

    But the GB team is in second place!

    Crack the game.

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