Allen Iverson will get his own cannabis strain this fall

Allen Iverson has officially entered the cannabis industry, and part of the project will include the 76ers legend launching his own cannabis strain this fall.

Iverson has been with Viola Brand, A cannabis company founded in 2011 by former NBA player and New Jersey native Al Harrington.

Iverson and Harrington have never been teammates in their respective NBA careers, but the Basketball Hall of Fame member said that he was sold after visiting Harrington’s Detroit plantation earlier this year.

“I have many people looking to me for business opportunities, but this time the cooperation with Al is different,” Iverson Say. “After seeing how invested [Al] It was for this business. He taught me how beneficial plants are and felt right. I am very happy to be one of them. Together we will change the rules of the game. “

The Answer will assist the company’s business plans, such as the production of exclusive products in addition to hemp and non-hemp products.Iverson will continue to work with Harrington and Viola Educate the NBA and others about the benefits of cannabis and help change the stigma of professional athletes and cannabis.

The highlight of this collaboration is The Iverson Collection, a series of cannabis varieties that will be launched on the market operated by Viola. The strain will make its debut in California in October this year, but it may not be available to 76ers fans in the Philadelphia area. Viola currently operates and produces a variety of cannabis products in California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon and Washington.

“Just as Allen influenced culture, we will continue to influence the cannabis industry,” Harrington said. “We will continue to push boundaries. I am honored to have Allen join. We hope to continue to inspire others and encourage people of color to participate in the cannabis field.”

Viola focuses on increasing a minority stake in the cannabis industry, reinvesting in local communities, and creating opportunities for others in the field.

The company’s CEO and chief grower Harrington recently talked about Viola’s purpose on the “Real Sports with Bryant Campbell” show.

“My mission is to create 100 black millionaires through marijuana,” Harrington said. “This onion must have different levels, but one of the cores in my heart is the diversity of the cannabis field.”

The entire clip can be streamed on HBO Max.

Other former players entering the marijuana industry include Paul Pierce and Chris Webber, who are about to become the Basketball Hall of Fame, and NBA champion Matt Barnes.

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