After her two-week-old daughter died in a “dangerous” rocking chair, the destroyed mother issued a heartbreaking warning

After her two-week-old baby girl died in a “dangerous” rocking chair, a devastated mother issued a heartbreaking warning.

In 2018, Erika Richter from Portland, Oregon welcomed her daughter Emma and said that she bought Fisher Price’s Rock n’Play Sleeper because she trusted the brand.


In 2018, Erika and her daughter EmmaCredit: ABC

Before the third anniversary of her daughter’s death, my mother told Good Morning America“When I got Fisher-Price Rock n’Play Sleeper, I didn’t think of anything other than Fisher-Price products, so it must be safe. If so many parents are using it And hyped it up, of course it has been tested enough and it is safe to use.

“I didn’t expect anything to indicate that Emma is unsafe to use it.”

The best-selling product-recalled in 2019 after 10 years-vibrates and plays music to soothe the baby.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee conducted a 20-month investigation and found that 50 infant deaths were related to “dangerous” sleepers.

The report found that “popular medical science believes that babies should lie flat and sleep on a hard surface”-but the best-selling rocking chair allows babies to tilt 30 degrees.

A few days before the recall of the product in 2019, an analysis by Consumer Reports found that the majority of children who died unfortunately were under 3 months.

In most cases, the cause of death is suffocation (inability to breathe) at a 30 degree angle, Yahoo Report.

I was wondering what life would be like if I knew these dangers.

Erica Richter

Erica said she only discovered other infant deaths related to rock music after her daughter tragically passed away.

She continued: “I was thinking about what life would be like if I knew it, and I often think of other mothers.

“It is really important for me to finally join some mothers in a more open way, and it is something I have been waiting for for a long time, because my heart is with them all.

“We are in this club where no one wants to join. No one should join.”

Last month, after an investigation by the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Erica appeared at a congressional hearing that claimed that Fisher did not consult a pediatrician before releasing the rocker.

The best-selling joystick in 2019 was recalled


The best-selling joystick in 2019 was recalledCredit: Fisher Price

Fisher’s spokesperson told ABC News They “are concerned about every family that has suffered losses” and “nothing is more important than the safety of customers.”

They said: “Rock’n Play Sleeper was designed and developed after extensive research, medical advice, safety analysis, and more than a year of testing and review.

“It meets or exceeds all applicable regulatory standards. As recently as 2017, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposed the ASTM voluntary standard for 30-degree diagonal sleepers as a federal law.”

At the same time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission approved a new federal rule that requires new baby products to be tested to ensure that the angle of the sleeping surface is below 10 degrees.

Fabulous Digital has contacted Fisher Price for comment.

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