After Bethany Shriever won the heroic BMX victory in Tokyo, when she swore on live TV, she was exhausted and could hardly walk with “lactic acid”

After overjoyed, Bethany Shriever apologized for cursing on BBC live TV after winning the stunning Olympic BMX gold medal.

The East London cyclist dominated the three semi-finals and then maintained good form in the final with a time of 44.358 seconds.


Gold medal girl Bethany Shriever celebrates with silver medalist Kye WhyteCredit: PA
Shriever had to apologize for taking the oath on the BBC scene after her amazing Olympic champion


Shriever had to apologize for taking the oath on the BBC scene after her amazing Olympic championCredit: Reuters

Defeated two-time defending champion Mariana Pajun at the age of 22 The delay from Colombia was 0.09 seconds due to heavy rain overnight.

It comes from south london Kai White won the silver medal In his first men’s game Olympic Games In appearance, the 21-year-old is second only to the Dutchman Niek Kimmann.

Shriever was so shocked by the results and White’s presentation that she left a curse when interviewing millions of people on the spot.

She said, “Honestly, I was shocked. My goodness.

“Being here is an achievement in itself. Reaching the final is an achievement in itself.

“It’s crazy to win medals, let alone gold medals.

“I owe everyone a lot. It means a lot. I am very grateful for the support of the people who wake up. I am at a loss.

“Gold is not my goal. The result is beyond our control. I want to keep my daily life and stay calm on the track. I managed to persevere and won.

“After Kye’s silver medal, I almost cried. I saw it before going upstairs. I had to keep calm and reset. It’s just the fucking king… Sorry, sorry.

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“I had to get in. I had no legs. I gave it everything I had. I had nothing left.

“Lactic acid is crazy. I gave it everything I had. I was rewarded, it was great.

“I can’t express it in words. This is the dream of every athlete, and I did it.”

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