A lady showed a simple lighting technique that made her look “30 years younger”, which was completely shocking.

Tik Tok Lauren Alvinaz Uploaded a short video explaining that people have been suggesting that she used two different people in the video.


Woman facing the window with light in frontImage Credit: @laurenabarbie / Tiktok

She explained that the reason she looked so different was because she adjusted the lights.

She said: “This is a lighting technique. Look at one of my windows, but if I turn around and leave it, you will see how bad I look.”

At first, the woman looked very young—maybe only in her twenties—her face looked like a filter, and the light from the window shone directly on her.

Then she turned around and turned her back to the window, which was behind her.

When she turned around, her skin looked older and wrinkles that were not visible before appeared.

She said: “Look at the light behind me now. Just face the light to show how beautiful you are.”

People are confused by this incredible change.

One person said: “My brain will not accept this.”

Another said: “My brain cells are dying while trying to understand this.”

The third person said: “You went from 19 to 91 really fast, no offense.”

She turned around, leaving the window behind her, looking much older


She turned around, leaving the window behind her, looking much olderImage Credit: @laurenabarbie / Tiktok

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